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Forums - Sony Discussion - Happy Birthday Uncharted 2

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As you all know , today on the 16th of October Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was released in the EU (where I come from).

My favorite game is now 3 years old. Oh boy how time flies by. 

Send your congrats to Naughty Dog.  And once again happy birthday to Uncharted 2

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cant believe its been 3 years. best game of this gen IMO. I was blown away when i played it.

It is an amazing game, i've played it through about 8-10 times.

3 years? damn :S time goes by fast..such a fantastic game

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It has been 3 years already. Damn time flies. The first time i was playing it i couldn't believe the awesomeness that my senses were experiencing.

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Wow 3 years! My fave game this gen! Was such a shock by how good it was.

3yrs? crikey o'riley

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I had no idea we shared the same birthday.

Herolink7 said:
I had no idea we shared the same birthday.

Happy Birthday Herolink...!

Been playing this tonight, i love it :)