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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Torchlight II, I'm in love with the genre again

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Even though they had network problems yesterday due to server overload and the earth then blew up(They had more dollar for dollar sales than Borderlands 2 combined sales on 3 platforms and is 1/3rd the price lol), I setup online VPN so my family and friends could play with me on LAN anyways, and fuck me I'm in love with this genre all over again. THE GAME IS SO FUCKING FUN! It will run on a super wide range of PCs! BUY IT, PLAY IT, LOVE IT!

Here is some game play:


Here is me helping somebody level after he chose the wrong option on Steam and went back down like 7 levels ROFL:


Oh and if you are wondering how it compares to Diablo 3, here is a pretty good article on it:


Torchlight II vs. Diablo III: The Ultimate ARPG Shootout



I've spent the weekend mainlining Runic's Torchlight II. As of this writing, my level 39 engineer has killed 8,800 monsters, collected 161,207 gold, imbibed 535 potions, broken 771 crates and urns, and caught 9 fish.


This game is much more of a beast than its predecessor; in terms of scale and ambition, it's right up there with the biggest names in loot-collection and click-based combat. And so of course, Blizzard's Diablo III looms large over the entirety of Torchlight II. How could it not?

Below, I've catalogued some of the many ways that the two games are different.

As I've been playing, it's been very difficult to evaluate Torchlight II on its own terms, rather than constantly thinking "Oh, so X is different from Diablo III in Y way." Rather than letting all that mess get into my review, I thought I'd write down my impressions of the campaign about 18 hours in, and put them entirely in the context ofDiablo III. Hopefully that will get all the comparisons out of my system.

But let's get this out of the way: If you liked Diablo III, you will almost surely like Torchlight II. Both games feel similar at their core, both have the same randomly generated replayability, and both games are satisfying in the same compulsive, clicky way. Seriously—this doesn't have to be some winner-take-all deathmatch. Both games are fun, and the two can co-exist. That said, if you didn't like Diablo III but have liked past Diablo games,Torchlight is different enough from Blizzard's newest game that it just may be your thing.


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yeah i have that on my wishlist since two days ago or so. metascore of 90 atm!

I'll buy this as soon as I'm done with Borderlands. Loved the first Torchlight. I skipped Diablo 3 for T2 because I figured it would be just as good without all the hassles and the large price tag, so I won't have to worry about that compare and contrast feeling.

it's so good...... I still can't believe it's 20 bucks and I got the 4 pack for like 60 pre-order, so ridiculous for something this big and fun.

BasilZero said:
Having fun playing the game, havent played multiplayer yet but will in a few minutes with my friends :)

DO IT! It's more fun with friends!

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BasilZero said:
Having fun playing the game, havent played multiplayer yet but will in a few minutes with my friends :)

Well, you'd better get online lol.


XypherMHT's (Old) LP Youtube Channel (Currently Uploading - Let's Play Makai Kingdom)

XypherMHT's LP/Playthrough Youtube Channel (Currently Uploading - Bastion Playthrough)

I'm pretty jealous of you guys. This looks amazing.

is this the one made by the ex blizzard guys?

thranx said:
is this the one made by the ex blizzard guys?

Runic Games was co-founded by the co-founders of Blizzard North, yes.

helping my brother get his levels back due to Steam sync problem hahaha :)