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Forums - Sony Discussion - NISA's Niikawa confirms eventual Disgaea 5

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They would have to top this.


Also...I'm still looking at this article..

Note the Steam talk.

I still want my epic Disgaea (4) port for PC. With Full HD res, all DLC included (like with D3 Vita), exclusive content, modding possibility....

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TheSwordUser said:

They would have to top this.


What the hell is going on there?

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Awesome! New level cap should be 9999999 :P


Ajescent said:
Dgc1808 said:
Give me Disgaea 4 Vita. We'll talk Disgaea 5 later.

Does D3vita give you all of the ps3's DLCs?

Yes it does. I won it, it is fun.

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