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I just got it. Guess I should have pre-ordered. I'll play it later on today. Gotta do a lot of running right now.

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Game is with 88 on meta? how many reviews ? these days 88 is amazing! Day1

Since when?

Since 2010 they are way more agressive they way they review games, look at Uc3 or Gears 3 per example, they are better than their prequels but they have less critical aclaim.

LBP2, infamous 2, Killzone 3 as well.

And GT5 and Halo Reach and the list goes on.

Ever thought maybe it has to do with originality? I mean obviously when you first play the game, they're like "omgbbq".
Once a game gets uber praised like example Uncharted 2, devs take evolutionary steps rather than revolutionary ones. When you nail the formula and you get praised, you'd be mad to change it much. Which is why KZ3 is so much lower than KZ2. It's almost a step back in a way whereas those that do it decently only get like -2 to -4 "penalty" xD.

UC2, KZ2 weren't exactly original though. 

I have not played Killzone just the first and was no real, I dont play First Person games anyway except of Bioshock. But UC2 was special the first time I played it on normal, and it was breathtaking but not very challenging and I was ill most of the time so I couldnt fully enjoy it , but I recently replayed it on Crushing and now I can say its one of the games I ever had. It was this Action Movie fealing I had (I love Action movies from the 90s Die Hard First Blood Terminator etc.), and this fealing was unique. Maybe it was not revolutionary, but something new is not always better.

I have not payed attention to meta score in months, but this one is interesting because Rockstar seems incapable of getting below a 90 except for L.A. Noire which got an 89. I agree with reviewers, since they are practically in a league of their own in almost every way. What is more impressive is the high score late in this gen where reviewers are scoring harsher.

I gotta say, after playing the first two chapters, I am VERY impressed with this game. Very brutal and fun (and tough, too). This is a grown up game and I highly recommend it.

Twitter: @d21lewis

Just started playing it today very good game so far. It does have a lot of cut scenes but they are well integrated into the game and none of them are too long so far.

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Hell of a game, one of the best i have played in a long time and my favorite TPS after Uncharted2/3.

Atto Suggests...:

Book - Malazan Book of the Fallen series 

Game - Metro Last Light

TV - Deadwood

Music - Forest Swords 

Just beat it today very good game on of the best TPS this generation and one of the best pure TPS (no platforming or puzzles) this gen also. One of the best M rated games on top of that.