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Forums - Sony Discussion - Top 10 Playstation games NO ONE played according to OPM UK

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What do you think of the list?

Agree whole heartedly 3 10.71%
1 or 2 need fixing 9 32.14%
about 1/2 is wrong 8 28.57%
most of it is hogwash 4 14.29%
That list could not be mo... 4 14.29%
NiKKoM said:
Jay520 said:
NiKKoM said:
I have 8 of them... I'm such a loser.... I play games no one plays.... :(

But you play them. Thus, you = No one. Further proving that you are a loser.

Nooooooooooooooooooooooo.......... *suicide*

Orgy on Nikkom's body! ...He would have wanted this.

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Resistance 3 sold a million. How about they put they put good niche games that you know barely anyone bought, like the Atelier series, or Mana Khemia 1 or 2.

Nice to see Gitaroo Man on there though. 100% that game on the PSP and PS2. Loved it.

The two games that fall under my radar are 'Stacking' & 'Gitaroo Man'. Never heard of them, never bothered to check them out.  It's not like I played all the other 8 games either. Besides, Okami, Vagrant, Disgaea & Vanquish have their own cult followers.

This list could be better.

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Ajescent said:

Remember that great game that you played? Remember when you mention it in conversations with actual gamers and no one knows what you are talking about or say they've never played it? Yeah...this is OPM's top 10 list of said games.

This list is half and half for me as I agree with Vagarant Story but I disagree with Enslaved (it sucked <---Opinion) and Vanquish

Anyhoo here's the list (In no particular order)

1: Resistance 3

2: El Shaddai

3: Enslaved

4: Vagrant Story

5: Beyond Good and Evil

6: Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

7: Vanquish

8: Stacking

9: Gitaroo Man

10: Okami

So, do you agree?

Played resistance 3, enslaved, stacking, and okami. Interested in Vanquish. The list is plausible I guess.

Only game I've played from this list is Okami, and that game is amazing! I did play it on the Wii, though...

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at least you've played it.

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I have Vanquish and its a pretty good game but the lack of Multiplayer killed it. And i tried Beyond good and Evil HD and it sucked.