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Forums - Sales Discussion - April 2012 NPD 360 HW 236k, PS3 175k, Wii 91k

So about 500k total sold on consoles.

360 - 236K
Wii + PS3 - 264K

I'm guessing 174k PS3, 90K Wii.

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No Xenoblade in cumulative chart. Lets wait for individuals numbers. 

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not that bad compared to last year... how much had vgc ?

Oh Boo Hoo @ the moarners

vgcs estimates

PS3 220
360 290k
Wii 130k

3ds 190k
vita 100k


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Looks like a rather poor month.

Math says PS3 & Wii dropped from 376k to 266k. Wii only sold 172k last April, with PS3 just over 200k. Wii had enough in April (Mario Party, JD3 sell with hardware and charted) that it I'd expect a fairly even drop for both, maybe to 155k for PS3 and 120k for Wii. It's not real likely Wii or PS3 fell below 100k though, although I think that's possible in the Summer.

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I hate the combined SKU-list

Okay either chartz is WAY out or that image from gamebiz is way off. It has prototype 2 above kinect star wars.

Chartz has Prototype 2 (360+Ps3) at 264k.
While Star wars is at 382k.

Yet that image has Prototype above Kinect SW. What's going on there?

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Hooray, Xenoblade is probably horribly overtracked...America, you haz failed us.