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I don't like being screwed over, but that is unfortunately how we Europeans are treated most of the time. Remember PS3? Yeah, that didn't release until 2007 in Europe. Remember a shitload of PSN games? Yeah, they either haven't even been released here or were released much later in Europe due to licensing and/or language problems. Sometimes I just feel like moving to USA so I can get everything when I am supposed to get it.

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You know, I'd completely forgotten about the whole PS3 launching a year late thing


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another point is also manufacturing and distribution. the plant would have a huge workload making a whole lot more copies meaning probably people would be hired then after fired. whereas if they staggered it manufacturing would be alot more even. and same goes for distribution. the even part.

I think within the same week should be an easy thing to do. The OP is right, they are making others suffer. I am tired of waiting for all the games in Japan to come here. I think in July they are getting around 6 games that are big!

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Basically money and time
For a global launch you have to have a lot of money to blow at once because you need to produce enough copies for the global demand, localise the game the game into dozens of different languages, advertise in every region which takes planning to tailor advertising to each region, distribute copies (can take weeks to build up supply and ship to some countries and have the product distributed to stores which makes leaks and broken street dates more likely).

And also ratings systems which also means you have to plan in advance enough to have dozens of different ratings organisations all have rated the game and any edge cases dealt with as many regions and countries have very different standards and edits may have to be made (Countries like Australia and Germany have tight restrictions so gore often has to be cut and swastikas etc cut for Germany etc) to the game to get the the rating the publisher wants.

Basically only the biggest publishers can afford to do global launches and only for big games that are sure fire sellers globally, can afford to do it. It's not cheap, requiring a big investment all at once, and also requires a lot of bandwidth to do localisations all at once or delay the game for months to get it ready. If publishers did global digital launches with a slower rollout of physical copies that would make it easier but even then it is still a big investment.

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Why should the Japanese and Americans wait several months to get their games just because we (Europeans) have several languages to get games translated into?

While I dislike waiting years for games to get localised, worldwide launches aren't practical, especially in text/VA heavy games.