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Forums - Movies & TV - Weekly poll: Jaws, Jurassic Park or ET the Etra-terrestrial?


Jaws, Jurassic Park or ET the Etra-terrestrial?

Jaws 23 27.71%
Jurassic Park 46 55.42%
E.T 12 14.46%

Sharks are cool and Aliens are awesome, but you can't fuck with Dinosaurs man.

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Jaws. Love that movie. The other two are good as well, though.

If we're going by games, then Jurassic Park hands down.

If we're going by movies... gotta give the edge to E.T.

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Have to disagree with you archbrix.

Jurrasic park is easily the winner.

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Jaws easily. A true classic and one of Spielberg's best even today, over three decades later.

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Jurassic Park had the best special effects out of the three but to me E.T. was the most enjoyable liked it since I was a kid back in 1982. Saw both E.T. and Jurassic Park on the big screen. The most significant of the three is Jaws though hands down it launched the begging of summer blockbusters.

Jurassic Park!!

And it aged so amazingly well!

okr said:

Love that movie and the performances from Scheider/Dreyfuss/Shaw.


But there's also the fact that, once the shark appeared they had nowhere to go with that little boat. And the music... who doesn't know the shark theme?

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None of the above. I don't like any of those movies.


First movie I ever saw in a theater (drive-in actually).

Others are very good and stuff I've seen multiple times. However, the overall story and emotion presented in that move simply trumps the other two.