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Forums - Music Discussion - I Was Caught Singing Along To These Songs While Grocery Shopping Should I Be Embarrassed?


While i was grocery shopping earlier today these two songs came up one after the other i coulnt help but sing along to them, idk if i was loud or what but a few people were starring at me. I then quickly went to another isle where i could sing along in peace

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Your music taste is bad and you should feel bad

I say this in the most loving way possible: You should be shot.

Learn from your errors, and don't do it again!

If you want to restore your honor, you need to perform public sudoku.

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damn i actually like em i think there very catchy aswell, i like jewel's intuition more i even like how the video does spoofs on various pop culture themes of that time

To each his (or her) own. Not my style, but whatever.

If that makes you happy and you aren't hurting anyone be out 'n proud man!


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Tell me a funny joke!

If it was Party in the U.S.A., then I could make an acception. Oh crap. I just admitted to liking that song...

I actually really like both of those songs...but then again I like pretty much all music types and artists.

Anyways you shouldn't feel bad at all....who cares if other people don't like them.

No, I don't like either of those songs, but really who gives a shit what other people think.