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Forums - Sony Discussion - PSN Plus March Edition (Journey, Sly Cooper, Trine 2, etc)

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I like this Kaz effect :)


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Thought I was gonna have to wait until next week for Journey. Yet another benefit of PSN Plus.

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non-gravity said:
ethomaz said:

I'm US PSN Plus user and I'm jealous about free Trine 2 .

And I hate Sony because I already have (and got platinum) the Sly Cooper HD Collection.

This is why Plus is only a good deal if you never buy PSN games or Sony games.

Not true, cloud saves and auto updates are nice as well. No way someone has bought every game/discount PS Plsu has had.  Cloud saves alone is a great feature.

I can't even buy a game and they give me others for free. I have a huge Steam backlog, but the PS3 backlog also gets bigger every month and I don't even have to buy the games :P

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Not as good as the last several months have been, but still quite impressive. If it wouldn't be for my backlog of games I own that will probably take 1000 hours to beat, I would have purchased the sly collection by now...thankfully I didn't.

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This update is pretty good and i also platinumed the sly collection but i never actually bought it.

will be getting me dat sly!!! woot!!! woot!!!

Impossible game and trine 2 for free? good times

I have more and more reasons to buy PS Plus now

Turkish said:
I have more and more reasons to buy PS Plus now

What are you talking about? It's a waste of money!

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