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Forums - Music Discussion - adel=why all the hype.

pezus said:
It's not like she's the only artist with great talent these days. There are lots of talented musicians out there but none come close to the popularity of the big stars (Adele, Gaga, Bieber, Rihanna etc.). Some are even talented AND good looking, but didn't get insanely popular like Adele. She really baffles me

Gaga & Adele are actually talented though, dont label them next to Rihanna or Bieber (although bieber is just a kid living his dream, which i guess is ok) 

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TruckOSaurus said:
First of all, it's Adele, not ADEL. You're entitled to not like what she's singing but why the personal insults? Who cares if she's got extra weight? (I personally think she's got a gorgeous face), this is the kind of juvenile behavior I would expect from a 15 year old.

As for why she's popular: she's unique in the pop music industry right now, she feels real, genuine which contrasts a lot with the fabricated or over the top images of many pop stars. Her songs while being about her personal experience with a bad relationship are very easy to identify with and connect with a lot of people.

I tried to press the "like button" for this comment.

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O.o What's your problem with weight and looks? She is a good singer, and her songs feel like pure bliss in a pop world dominated by mediocre artists/singers.

@MRKs Different styles, and voice texture. I'd agree with you tho.

I agree with you, her songs are boring and too slow. Yesterday i went to Fnac and they were playing a live show in a screen, Adele was playing Lovesong by the Cure; she completely ruined the song!! She made the song sounds awfull and dead.
I suppose she sells so much because her music is not overproduced and sounds more real and natural than most today pop stars like Gaga or Rhianna.

oldschoolfool said:
The Fury said:

You're fat and ugly. Way to insult someone btw. Spell their name wrong and then insulting them is not a good way to try and understand a musician, their songs or why they are popular.

the truth is the truth is the truth. Her songs are like any other boo-hoo heartache pop song. lol

That's still no reason to insult her and seemingly ignoring people's answers in this thread you created.

I personally am not fond of the music Aerosmith make. It's not my personal taste (american rock). That doesn't mean I can't appreciate the work they put in and the fact that other people do enjoy their work. 

Hmm, pie.

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Because when you're competing with soulless, manufactured zombies, even having the tiniest shred of soul makes you sound fresh and invigorating. Nevermind if your music is self-indulgent and derivative, at least it has a little character.

Hell, ten years ago when I was surrounded by Ricky Martin, the Spice Girls, and their clones, Nickelback sounded fresh just because they were playing actual rock music, even if it was just one note being played over and over again. Don't worry, I got better thanks to sweet treatments of independent music and 70s progressive rock.

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"fat and ugly" ? are we talking about modelling or singing? beyond that if you don't like her music that's your opinion

When a thread asks a question and the OP's argument goes like this : "Why the hype and popularity? She is fat and ugly." it makes me shake my head. Do you people really not give a shit about the music anymore and instead just care about the pretty face?

Fuck the music, just bring in the hotties and fix their lack of actual musical talent with the audio equipment...

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Wagram said:

Bieber's talented?


Sorry I had to let that one out there. Also I don't condone the "fat" comments either.

Are you referring to my post? If so, I never said he was talented, I only said he's a big star which is undeniable.