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Forums - Movies & TV - Fox Officially Announces the End of "House"

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man-bear-pig said:

...but I still feel sorry for you guys :(

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It was very good this season! Didn't someone already post this? You all should watch it while you can. Best season in years!

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Sad =[

Chuck's ended, now House is ending :(

House is good but is really just Sherlock Holmes in a hospital. BBC's Sherlock series is better.

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really should have ended at least a couple seasons ago.

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Great show. Haven't watched in a couple years since I don't have cable, but was always good fun.


Now if only Fox would smarten up and KILL American Idol.

God that idiotic rigged program gives me permanent headaches.

This is a sad, sad day for TV :/ Fox is officially the worst company ever, all they ever do is cancel good TV shows.

I hope Hugh Laurie stars in another great TV show because he is a simply brilliant actor.

Most people were expecting this, so well not that sad.