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I used to play a game with friends when I was ounger called, "who would ou rather do"?

Basically,first you have to chose out of the two choices the person above you gives you of who you would rather have any kind of sexual relations with. Then you give two more options for the next person.You need to describe the person and keep it at people so this might not be locked. It can be a famous person or made up person with some description of them.

Be aware this is meant to be gross, very lewd, juvinille and vulgar, but still open minded with no bullshit that is discriminatory to any sex , or sexual orientation or any thing else.

I will give the first choices as an example.

Would you rather have sex with  a hot woman with AIDS or would  you rather have sex with a hermaphrodite?

It could be worse or not depending on what happens. Have fun.





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Would you rather have sex with a Man, bear or pig. Edit: I'll follow the rules now. Fils-Aime or Tretton




Supposed to only give two options. Man because I am trying to keep this open by not using animals.

Christina Aguilara or Lady Gaga?


Lets get specific, Would you rather have sex with Jonah Hill or Michael Jordan.

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I'll take Jonah he lost weight browskie!

Would you rather do Pee Wee Herman or Mr. Rogers?


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No one answered chocolocos so I will skip pookas.

Vagary. Damn auto fill gaga!

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Damn! That's tough but I guess Mr. Rogers since I wouldn't have to worry about STDs.

Erica Anderson from Catherine or Poison from Final Fight/Street Fighter series?

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Poison because she's secretly a dude. Best of both worlds!

Joan Rivers or a pile of mousetraps?

Mouse traps because I might still have m dick afterwards.

Howard Stern on viagra all night or Carl Rove for 30 minutes?

Karl Rove. He's doughy enough that he probably has some nice pert little breasts.

Mariusz Pudzianowski or Larry King?