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right now im typing from wii cause i cant log in at my account from my PC its says there are 3 reasons why 1 says my password might be incorrect but i know its not 2 says i maybe havent done the activation from the link at the e-mail but ive done it and 3 says my computer is set to not accept cookies,now i think this is it can anyone tell me how to make my pc(laptop)accept cookies thx

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so noone can help?

What have you done differently recently?

If you were always able to log in and now suddenly can't, what did you do?

well i did a virus sweep from mcafee and then it didnt work anymore

I have the same problem with my other account.I tried to log on but got the same message as endurance.

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im saying that i cant log on to my vgchartz account,i know my password but i still cant log in

anyone think it might be mcafee thats not allowing me?

endurance said:
anyone think it might be mcafee thats not allowing me?

 Could be, or possibly some semi-obscure Windows setting has gone awry. Is it Vista?

lol, and here i thought you can't login to windows... sound like i need to sleep