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Forums - Movies & TV - MId-season breaks. America why??? :(

I hate mid-season breaks as well. But I hate the massive wait between seasons even more because they almost always end the season epicly and leave you with a ton of questions but you have to wait almost 6 months to get an answer to those questions.

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I'm with you on that one. I just finished the episodes that have already aired of the walking dead season 2 and do not like that i have to wait till February 12 to watch the others. Especially after what happened at the end of episode 7. It is one of the best tv shows on right now.

I always hated mid-season breaks, if they were not as long it would not be a problem, but most of the time they are 2 to 3 months, sometimes four. I think they should be just a month. There are a few shows i have seen that only have a one month break but its very seldom.

Yeah I fucking hate them too. I'm waiting for two shows to resume currently on mid-season breaks: The Walking Dead and White Collar.

happens all the time,but the only show I really watch is house. This is suppose to be the final season of house,so after that shows ends,I won't care about mid-season breaks. I just don't get into alot of shows on T.V.

Hey at least its on TV .

None of my shows come on any more, they all been replaced by reality teenager TV shows.

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Well, just like American Tv used to not air during the summer, the same reason goes for the Christmas break. They do not think that people are watching. So we get endless repeats of Christmas classics. Families are out in force watching movies at the theater on Christmas day as you can see. Shopping (America goes crazy shopping from Black Friday on), Cooking, wrapping, etc. Now the Summer months do get some shows, they try to keep most of the shows to the regular viewing season.
Why are you bumping so many old threads?

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According to the creator, he wants a mid-season break so viewers wont have to wait a couple of months for the new season if the current season ends right away in a few months from when it debuted.

I think to lessen the gap between when episodes air.


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From my (very limited) understanding, in December and January television audiences shrink because people have other things to do and interest in advertising is reduced because companies spent their marketing budget on ads that ran in October and November to drive holiday sales. The net result of this is most networks have far lower revenues and try to maintain profitability by filling their timeslots with inexpensive programming.