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Forums - Sales Discussion - Do you think Sony will ever make a net profit from the PS3?

What do you think?

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yes. in 2009


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not if they keep cutting the price to keep up in sales

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It's going to be a while. At this point the hole is probably close to $4 billion.

Eventually, maybe like $8 a system by the end of the generation or something.

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Are you talking about hardware only or including software? And are you talking about in a single quarter or total for the lifetime?

With software the answer is almost certainly yes.
Hardware alone it may be profitable way down the line, but I don't think it can overcome the losses already incurred.

I am talking about hardware, software sales, license fees and any other way a 1st party makes money related to its console. Yes, total for the lifetime.

I don't think it will. Even with the amazing success of the PS2 they apparently only made about $billion profit over its lifetime. The first quarter losses were also not that great.

Now, however, the PS3 has already lost well over 2 billion (considering they almost posted $2 billion losses in one quarter with PS2 and PSP to offset that loss), and it is not going to sell anywhere near as many units as the PS2. It does not seem likely that the PS3 will ever break even.

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No, not from PS3 directly. Possibly in a few years if you count indirect profits from increased Blu Ray/Bravia etc sales.

Um duhh.

For one PS3 is the reason Br kicked hddvds ass = billions in royalties for Sony. Future music/tv/movie download service through the PS3. The PS3 is pretty much intertwined with almost every Sony corp division in some way, it will become one of their biggest money makers eventually.

A person would have to be ignorant how business of large corporations work to think they wont make net profit on the PS3.