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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Official Mario Kart 7 Thread

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Mine's 1032-1221-3848. I added both Rol and Luthor!

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I'm on it

Does anyone want to play me now?

I joined the VGC club.

I added a few more people, too (Rol, routsounmanman, and Luthor). Hope they add me (unlike Kylie who never did!)

My 3DS code is 3823-8631-8090

I've added Saintlewis (lol), the community number and rol too.

Go buy Metroid OTHER M!

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PSN: birdie93      XBL: luthor93

3DS: 3909-7597-9889

You can add me, I won't stop you!

My website:

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Link me to the online thread, I won't be able to race for the time being but may after Christmas (as I don't have a 3DS yet).

I joined too. But first I need to complete all cups in all ccm's to be prepared for you.

so far ive played a couple of races and at the end of each race i have major hand cramps

"If new things are so great, where have they been the whole time?"

I'm guessing Rol is much better at Mario Kart 7 than on Mario Kart Wii?

Look at this.

I think its the same karts from the ad

My 3ds friendcode: 5413-0232-9676 (G-cyber)