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Just Dance 3 beats his opening week numbers.. *bows*


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very weird low ps3 numbers nice numbers of xbox360 anyways

mantlepiecek said:
non-gravity said:

The PS3 sales are .....

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Hmm.....I am thinking you weren't actually moderated, I correct?

That is correct. 

However it is fun to note that there are 3 similar posts to this above it.

I'm not sure about Ps3 numbers.

Seece said:
pezus said:
Seece said:
pezus said:
So the PS3 doesn't get a boost at all from MW3? Very strange considering it's the biggest PS3 game ever.

X360 had MW3 bundles and custom consoles, PS3 didn't, that probably accounts for a big boost. As well as it being Americas, 360 getting x3 the amount of Skyrim copies sold, and MW brand being stronger on X360 vs Treyach COD games.

Still doesn't explain why it jumped less than Wii. MW3 being bigger on 360 doesn't mean it's not huge on the PS3 too. Over 2.5m sold in one week in one region can't account for a boost??

Wii is  just getting its usual holiday boost, dunno how long you expected PS3 to outsell the Wii in Americas ..

Most of the 360 bump should be attribuited to the MW consoles, which PS3 had none of .... we don't know how much of a bump the 360 got from standalone copies and 360's being bought for it.

DS, PSP, PS2? I'll say it again: If the biggest PS3 game of all time doesn't provide any boost at all for the PS3, while much smaller games do (with no console bundles), what in the name of Zeus is going on?

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morenoingrato said:
Less than what I expected for the 360.....

What, is that America only?

Joking, well, excelent numbers all around, will be cool to see Wii next week.

honestly i said the same thing when i looked at mw3 on 360 and ps3

i forgot that this was only American numbers for a moment

Off topic: Yay @ mods.
I'm glad you're finally doing something about that. Now, please, do something about Ethomaz as soon as he comes here calling for undertracked

Also, Layton is doing ok

Deserved sales for Sexbox 360 and GODRIM.


Welcome back 360 :)

I'll have you know, I stood by your side for that last month or so while the nay sayers were putting you down Mr. Xbox, my lord.

360 straight beast.

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postofficebuddy said:
italo244 said:
360 #1 WW!

Btw, weird numers for PS3 since last week, when PS3 got a bundle with Uncharted 3, but still got a very small bump in HW. No bundle for the new releases this week, but that is still weird, cuz MW3 and Skyrim is big on PS3 too(not much as on 360).

Waiting for EMEAA, the diference betwen the 360 and the PS3 will be like 100k i think.

Probably more like 50k-60k. 360 isn't as big in EMEAA and it likely got a smaller % boost than in Americas, especially since Chart Track says MW3 sold less than Black Ops, so it will probably do about 480-500k WW. PS3 only needs a 15% boost in EMEAA to hit 400k this week.

Pretty sure they were talking about the UK specifically. Not the entire EMEAA.