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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Call of Duty Elite To Outpace Netflix, Xbox Live Adoption


Activision Blizzard made it clear during the earnings call today that they are very pleased with the performance of their Call of Duty Elite subscription service. Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing, said, “We believe that the free Elite service is the best free service in the industry and dramatically increases the value of buying the game for all of our players. And the premium subscription for Elite quite simply resets the bar for multiplayer experience, with several industry firsts in innovations and services.”

Hirshberg gave some detail about how well the subscription service is doing in the one day it's been available. “Although it's still extremely early, we've been very pleased with the attach rate of the purchase of Call of Duty Elite premium subscription with the pre-order ofModern Warfare 3 when available.”

Looking ahead, Hirshberg is very optimistic about the prospects for the subscription service. “In terms of establishing expectations for an unproven model like this, it's very hard to forecast. But if you look at companies with a similar fee-based subscriber model like Xbox LIVE or Netflix, it took each of them at least a year to reach 1 million paid subscribers. And based on our Elite pre-orders alone, we expect to meet that milestone a lot sooner.”

Of course, the real test will be to see how long subscribers stay with the service, but we won't know that for many months. If Activision can really sell 20 million or more copies ofCall of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, getting to more than a million subscribers seems likely. What will the number be a year from now?

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These guys make crazy money...

Black Ops sold over 20 million map packs and likley more in MW3 as people do not like love the maps much.

I'm shocked......

Well I hope they fix it soon, I want my double XP MAAAAANNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!

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Oh that is just sick. Call of Duty is the biggest thing in gaming at this point.

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20 million over all systems is def. manageable. All these extras that COD does is just incredible! They have to just be making so much money! Do games right and gamers will reward you.

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Well seeing how I only had to pay $10 extra after buying the game for CoD Elite I would think a lot of people took advantage of that. Also doesn't it come free with the Hardened Edition? Let's see how many people renew for $50.

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