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Forums - Sales Discussion - Dark Souls Shipments Surpass 1.5 Million

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With Namco Bandai’s help as a publishing partner, From Software shipped 1,500,000 units of Dark Souls worldwide.


Most of the copies are in North America, which has 620,000 units. Europe has 470,000 units and Japan has 370,000 – all PS3. 40,000 units were shipped throughout Asia.


From Software handled sales in Japan where Dark Souls was released as a PlayStation 3 exclusive. In the West, Dark Souls is a multiplatform game available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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Good to see real hardcore gaming is still alive. Not just the "I play shooters all the time online" G4 definition of "hardcore."

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Got to love it =D


If this game isn't voted GoTY by some critics. It will be a tragedy.

Bring on more Soul's games! I can't wait to die some more! Thank you FS!

I knew Dark Souls was going to reach 1 million on the PS3 alone by the end of the year!

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This is great, im so happy for them

A great game, deserved great sales.