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Forums - Movies & TV - Top Movies of the 80's elimination thread! Big Trouble in Little China and Die Hard tied for first place! Sudden death?

Willow is one of the best movies ever made. Anyone else like Willow?

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+The abyss
- Lethal weapon 2


+ Ferris Bueller's Day Off
- Good Morning, Vietnam

+ Das Boot (Just a week ago I saw that movie for the first time, and I was so fascinated that it instantly made it into my Top 5 movies list)

- Karate Kid

This list needs ROBOCOP and BLADE RUNNER.

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spurgeonryan said:
archbrix said:
+ Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan
- Star Trek III: Search for Spock

Didn't leonard Nimoy direct the third one? Too bad it was how it was. Like a bad episode of Deep Space Nine ,which I barely watched how it was.

That's right, he did... I forgot about that!

I'm not a big Trek fan, but I love Wrath of Khan.  Love it.  That's just a great movie for anyone who likes sci-fi, even if they're not fond of Star Trek.  Too bad what is easily the best Star Trek movie is followed by what has got to be the worst.


+  Who Framed Roger Rabbit

-   Look Who's Talking

+ Crocodile dundee
- Flashdance

spurgeonryan said:
Chrizum said:
This list needs ROBOCOP and BLADE RUNNER.

all missing movie suggestions will be in the end of thread bonus round against the top five here. Already had over 100 movies in this one!

How many of them? So far people have said more than a dozen!


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+ Gremlins

- Footloose

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+Rocky 4
- Christmas Vacation