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ok heresmy list

james vincent Mcmorrow- if i had a boat
The National- Sorrow

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dark_gh0st_b0y said:
Andrespetmonkey said:
Dr.Grass said:
One of the best songs I've heard... Listen with good headphones and when there's no one else around.

It's not unknown, but definitely not mainstream.

Heard it before, brilliant song.

jesus guys, great song but the album charted on No2 on Top200 billboard of the US, what else does it needs to be mainstream? Maybe it was not released as a single, but a lot of albums containing the song were sold...

and 3m views on youtube are good enough!

Yeah that's true xD It's still no Lady Gaga - poker face or Justin beiber - Baby

i could make a huge list about this, since most of the stuff i listen to , barely anyone listens to. but most are old-ish and some of them were popular once. <--- this guy was pretty popular back in the 80's <--- same here about these two <---- this kind of music is an aquired taste,not everyone likes it, but be sure to listen , its very atmospheric. <--- Very folklorish type of music <--- this was popular in the 80's in the Gothic rock scene as well <---- same as above <--- this is an OLD heavy Metal band that i don't really know why they don't get much attention , they're fantastic. <--- this is one of my favorite songs,be sure to listen to the lyrics. <--- this is very experimental , you might not like it, but its actually the sound director of the infamous games , you will notice the similarities <--- really good Industrial Music, (PS Psycho Mantis included xD )  this kind of music is the reason why "Dubstep" sounds so whimpy ,boring and out of distorsion. <--- same as above, but i think they're pretty popular industrial band, , i don't really know. <--- these are one of the best bands of their genre "Doom Metal" , its pretty close to Death metal without the "death howls" but rather more atmospheric and melodic. <--- Ayreon ... is just great, listen to them! , they're not really a band, but rather a collaboration of many known musicians  in the Metal genre (EX from Dream Theater , Opeth ...ect) , the result is some great one of the kind music <--- this is symphonic metal at it's best, they're pretty popular though... but the genre itself isn't popular <--- if you guys love Heavy Metal, and wonder "There is no good metal bands anymore!" , well i got bad news for you , you are looking at the wrong place.

I don't expect any of you lot to like it but, Britney Spears, And then we kiss. It's her least commercial song and I don't think even her die hard fans know about it, wasn't on a proper album or anything.


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I got one, but I don't expect anyone to like it :(

Aldro said:

I got one, but I don't expect anyone to like it :(

All the gods in the world couldn't touch me girl...

But you did, right in my heart.

Sure I killed my wife and kids...

but I'd never do that to you baby!

Unless I was tricked into it again...

but the chances of that happening...

are pretty low.


...Gief yaa seex theeeraphyyyyy



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I recently found out about this guy, it's a kind of music I normally never ever listen to. But I really liked it, it had so much feeling in it. Though this might not be for everyone.

For me it was worth it to keep listening till the end, just a suggestion.

May the adjustments be with you

I feel a disturbance in the sales

phinch1 said:
ok heresmy list

james vincent Mcmorrow- if i had a boat
The National- Sorrow

Second one is good. First one sounds like a grower. I need to relisten to decide.