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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do you perfer handheld gaming, console(PS3,X360,Wii,etc.) gaming or both?


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Both are swell... though I probably use my DS more than my Wii/PS2...

Console. Don't even have a DS or a PSP. Haven't touched my GBA until recently, when I got FF6 Advance and picked up Golden Sun 2. I use my consoles way more.

Console, since the games last longer and it just feels better. PSP is still awesome for gaming though.

Gotta be console for me. Although i have a PSP as well as PS3 (and a 360 in the near future)

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leo-j said:
handhelds, I take my psp over my ps3 any day

 Well as it says in your profile, your 15. Of course kids are going to pick handhelds over consoles

I think handheld gaming has a way to go yet. When your phone, true gaming, camera, etc. are in one device then I will jump from the consoles...

As far as I'm concerned, the handhelds provide far more than the consoles this generation. It's why I've stuck with my PSP and DS and haven't bought a PS3 yet.


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with both as my sig suggests

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both, although in order of how much I play my systems it goes PC > Handheld > Console