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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY 7 min video . Looks really fun.





If the game is good and they announce local multilayer, its almost guaranteed to be a hit. IMO

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Too linear and no towns.




Yeah I think it'll be a huge hit, with long legs. Really not my kind of game, but even I think it looks fun.

Looks like Final Fantasy meets Elite Beat Agents. Why not make a 2D Final Fantasy RPG in the spirit of the old games? Because they can make this game in a month and there's no one talented left at Square!

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One Winged Angel has just made this game more interesting

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nice fuggin summon popped out.


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Damn, I could never do the last battle they showed.


Not bad!
...Those people suck though >_<

Acevil said:
Damn, I could never do the last battle they showed.

If u can play elite beats agents, that is a cake walk.

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