Forums - Sony Discussion - September 2011.... Final Fantasy Versus XIII just now hitting Full Production...

Rob-Ot said:
PullusPardus said:
honestly, why do people care about it anymore? the gameplay seems meh anyways, lots of action and shooting, its kinda like an open world Dirge Of Cerberus only that one didn't take million years to make, and was actually based on good backstory , this one is based on .... FFXIII's

I agree with this, I don't see anything special about the gameplay, most ARPG's do this already right now and with Nomura's terrible ability of storytelling I don't have high hopes for the story either. Honestly XIII-2 sounds far more interesting for me thanks to the historiacrux feature. Type-0 tops them both.

I think you both say that because lets face the facts, we know more about XIII-2 and type-0. We know a few characters in VXIII including it has airships, vehicles, maps, towns etc, but thats it. So, of course you and many don't see anything special about VXIII.. yet

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I wouldnt get my hopes up...

I just hope the supposed "reveal date" Nomura has in mind for the next showing of the game is before next year because it's getting ridiculous. I guess it being in full production is great news though. Probably about a year until release now.