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Forums - Website Topics - 910,000 PS3s in Europe? I don't think so...

Diomedes1976 said:


Pearl ,you are trying to make a mountain out of some grains of salt .Stringer words have in many ocassions been proven to be totally out of reality as not updated since some time .He has told they were just ramping up production weeks later Hirai told so ,etc .This kind of making numbers in base of approximations is useless .In any case even if the 800K number was correct and recently updated you would have to add the Australian numbers (27K first weekend plus the three weeks after that ) ,the New Zealand ones (8K first days plus succesive sales ) and the rest of the Pal territory .The 910K number seems correct ,maybe even a little low .

 I didn't based my estimations on the 800,000 Howard number at all, thanks. And a 11.3% inaccuracy is significant in my eyes. The problem is that I forgot to consider non-European countries. Orignally, I was wondering what I'd overlooked, now I know.