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Which weather condition is better?

Hot 18 33.96%
Cold 32 60.38%
Neither, our planet sucks 2 3.77%



Personally I like cold weather better, cold days = awesome sleep, also no flies and mosquitoes is a big plus.

I can't deal with heat, I always have troble sleep and lose appetite during hot summer days.


Which weather condition do you like more? Hot or cold?


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I like the cold, but dam that hot picture is tempting as shit.

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Preference: Cold.
Reason: I'm Canadian.

*looks at the pics* clearly likes hot weather.

I'm sweating a lot (no, I'm not too fat or overweight, it's because of my genetics), so I prefer cold weather :)

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Baalzamon said:
I like the cold, but dam that hot picture is tempting as shit.

yeah but imagine when you strip the cold chick off layer by layer, much better than just get on with someone whos already naked.


and why is the freeze chick smaller than the heat one? they're the same size damnit.


When the weather gets above freezing I turn on the air conditioner ... but if I was surrounded by attractive women I could learn to live with the heat

I like the heat better. Advantages include: not having to put on ten layers of clothes, eating outside, guys walking around shirtless, swimming, beach volley-ball, biking, hiking, camping.

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I love the heat. Makes me want to do more activities.

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