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I don`t know if this is the real, final design or just a protoype; I don`t even know if there won`t also be a 3DS redesign with everything included and this being just an option for those who already have a 3DS and don`t want to re-buy 3DS.

Monster Hunter Tri G, late this year? Oh, man!
If this add-on comes packaged with the game i think people won`t really care. PSP is wider than 3DS and with the add-on it might make them equal. The volume, however...

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It scares me that these rumors seem to actualyl be true... Nintendo should've added a second analog stick from the get go. They're realyl making way too many mistakes.

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saicho said:
it's amazing what Nintendo would do for Monster Hunter... A second analog stick for 3DS just for Monster Hunter Tri-G

This is exactly what it is.



It is NOT intended for widespread use at this moment in time, though it DOES lend credence to the rumor that a redesign is in the workings. Judging by the fact that 3DS has to-date only sold a bit less than 4.5million units, if they pump out the redesign early enough, there won't be as many people alienated and upset.


Also, this add-on communicates to the system through the small infrared port on top of the system.


I doubt monster hunter will save 3DS, I don't think nothing will at this moment.

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Nintendogamer said:
I doubt monster hunter will save kill 3DS, I don't think nothing will at this moment.

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If Nintendo decides to release a new version of the 3DS with a second integrated circle pad, my trust and loyalty to them will suffer a lot from these circumstances.

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