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But it's stupid to say that Parents would be the ones buying Killzone for their kids, it's not the target demographic and i'm sure that if someone is interested in Killzone they are likely to be someone who will buy it for themselves.

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As much as violent videogames get the blunt of the press and legislative interest they tend not to be the most hated of videogames (in general) ...

The videogame that will probably have more protests and letter writing campaigns this year is ... (pause to build anticipation) ... Harry Potter

At the end of the day I don't think there will be too much fallout for violent games (in particular shooters) because, as was mentioned earlier, there is little connection between the act and videogames. Hypothetically speaking, if the shooter was a loner who spent his days playing Counterstrike there would be far greater pressure.

OriGin said:
But it's stupid to say that Parents would be the ones buying Killzone for their kids, it's not the target demographic and i'm sure that if someone is interested in Killzone they are likely to be someone who will buy it for themselves.


For the most part Mature games are targeted towards people who could not buy it if there was legislation preventing the sales to minors. You can actually see this by simply paying attention to online conversations surrounding attempts at legislation about this (or when stores implement policy); about 10% of people will comment that they are old enough so they don't care, another 10% will be mostly positive (or at least neutral) claiming they want to be the one to choose what their children play, about 5% will say they hate that kind of game anyways, and the last 75% will through a tantrum.


CrazzyMan said:

Well, ps3 will rock in second part of 2007.

Like begining with :)

and well, any other console didn`t have so many good titles in _first_ year of console life.
PS3 in _first_ year will get in 2007:

(multiplatform - but still will be very good games)

Warhawk -- Folks soul

on PS2 all hits like MGS2, GT3, FFX, GTA3, DMC came only on _second_ year of console life.

No other console?

Lets see what the Wii has in one year:

Metroid Prime 3

Mario Galaxy

Super Smash Bros.

Super paper Mario

Zelda: TP

Fire Emblem

Pokemon Revolution

Big Brain Academy


DAY of Crisis

Battalion Wars 2

Mario and Sonic Olympics

Mario Party 8

mario Striker Charged


don't forget all the WII games/sports/play/music/health

and for 3rd parties:



Dragon Quest Swords

Final Fantasy CC

these are mostly really big games and as a whole I'm sure will kill the ps3 lineup in sales.


VF5 and Motorstorm aren't on the same level as FF, GTA, and MGS. If those fail to bring new buyers, I'll be impressed. Short of legislative restrictions, mature rated games will do just fine.

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Kwaad, I thought Insomniac was the company that made that kid a character in the game.

Bet with disolitude: Left4Dead will have a higher Metacritic rating than Project Origin, 3 months after the second game's release.  (hasn't been 3 months but it looks like I won :-p )

I want to take into account ONLY games that will drive hardware sales, a lot of the games both have mentioned are meh games that 'already' owners will pick up, it is not going to cause people to buy the console and not going to have HUGE sales.

PS3 System Sellers
GTA4 - Of course
MGS4 - In the US this one will be good
LittleBigPlanet - Appeals to a new spectrum of players for PS console, I think this will have moderate success and is a reason to buy the console, less than the other games above though.

FFXIII is not going to come out this year

PS3 Decent Games 2007
All of the rest below here have my thoughts
DMC4 - never been a system seller, sells good to PS owners
AC - good game, but never a big seller
KillZone2 - Too much is riding on it being the same as the E3 trailer, and that's not going to happen, this game will be OKAY in sales, will not drive hardware.
Heavenly Sword - Awesome looking game, will probably be good but meh on sales front, won't sell systems.
NGS - whats this?
Lair - great graphics, looks okay, wont drive hardware, it's too niche
Uncharted - I don't know much about this but it doesn't appeal to me, and I doubt it is going to drive hardware.
Ratchet - Never been a system seller, awesome graphics awesome game, but not going to drive hardware.
MotorStorm - Pretty graphics, mildly fun game, hasn't pushed hardware
VF5 - Already shown to not sell consoles
Warhawk - This is not a big title for the console

Wii System Sellers
Wii Sports - Will drive sales all year.
Wii Sports 2 - It will arrive this year (my prediction)
Wii Health Pack - MASSIVE market penetration, sales of this will go THROUGH THE ROOF.
Mario Party 8 - Mario Party games are always popular and will help drive sales throughout the year consistantly, new gameplay style of particular importance to this game.
MySims - MASSIVE system selling potential, I don't need to justify this.
Metroid Prime 3 - I'm in two minds about this, I don't think it will hugely push hardware, it will sell AWESOME to already or going to be owners but isn't going to push new users... it stays here because I think it's a big thing for the system this year.
Mario Galaxy - Next Mario Game, Nuff said

Super Smash Bros Brawl wont come out this year.

Wii Good Games this year
Super paper Mario - appease Nintendo games, might push hardware slightly, but not a huge bump up for this game - not 'platform mario' enough to perform like NSMB
Wii Music - Good game for the New players that bought for Wii Sports and got WarioWare, WiiPlay etc, not going to push hardware1
Zelda: TP - it's already out it's pushing sales decently but not for much longer, not much strength left in this
Fire Emblem - totally niche game in the western world, isn't going to sell huge.
Pokemon Revolution - never as big as the handheld games, no one will buy a Wii for this, 'aready' owners game
Big Brain Academy - I'm in two minds about this, it suits the people that have bought a Wii for the new way of playing but I doubt it will drive hardware, people wont buy a Wii for this.
PROJECT HAMMER - Wont come out this year.
DAY of Crisis - Meh 'Geist' game.
Battalion Wars 2 - First one didn't sell greatly, will perform average and make Nintendo fans happy.
Mario and Sonic Olympics - I'm also in two minds about this, I think possibly this one will move hardware, but I don't think it will be ULTRA big so it goes in this list, it helps to bolster the Wii lineup.
Mario Striker Charged - Online play is good for Nintendo games, won't sell great, hardcore Nintendo fan game.
Sadness - Wont make it this year.
Nights - excellent core gamer game, only known by hardcore gamers, can see a million seller, Sega / Nights fans that haven't bought a Wii will buy a Wii for this game, will push sales but wont be a massive system seller.
Dragon Quest Swords - Dragon Quest isn't as strong outside of Japan, will do well in Japan but isn't that huge in the US and EUR
Final Fantasy Crystal Chron - MEH, the GC one sold like crap, this will be similar, will appease Nintendo fans for their FF fix, will not push hardware.

I think that is pretty fair across both platforms (don't you?) sprouting a list of games with nothing to back it up doesn't do much there are a lot of crap on both fronts, but in terms of sales I think the Wii is going to do much better this year.

Origin, I like your listing and pretty much agree.

Where I disagree is...

PS3 - GTA will not push PS3's, why it is port to 360 as well. I beleive that the crowd that will buy this game will buy it more on 360 and thus not be a big system seller for sony. Heavenly Sword, though, I think it should be in the first list. I *might* consider buying a PS3 for this game. I think it looks like a really good game, something close to Gears of War.

 Wii - Wii Sports 2 will not push as the people who already jumped to Nintendo did so due to the first one. Mario Galaxy probably won't either because it is the same typical Nintendo crowd that bought one for Zelda. I also think SSB:Brawl will launch this xmas and will definately push Wii to sell over 1m units in all three territories for December. It will probably sell out of all consoles world wide and be near 4m in WW sales for hardware.

NGS is Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

 I think that Mario Galaxy will mostly likely be pushed back in 2008. (along with SSBB)

Look at MP3. Set for June, but now it pushed back til Holiday.
Its a long waiting time for a decent game on the Wii til fall. (If im incorrect, please tell me.)


And finally,
Why did you put game NOT coming out this in the "Games coming out this year" column.

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Good comments chunk, although I'm going to have to rebut back, but I do take on board a lot of things.

A lot of what I've said is being overly harsh on EVERY game in the entire list.  Of course a lot of people will buy a PS3 or a Wii for a lot of those games in that list... that is what will continue to drive sales at the current levels and follow the traditional sales curves of the year, going up for Christmas of course, that is why the big games come out in Christmas because it helps to push consoles in the Christmas period.  Heavenly Sword is definitely a case of this, it will appeal to some people but it is the type of game, nor the style of game that will cause a consistent sales surge that can be attributed to more monthly units.

MGS2 (to the least extent) GTA3, Final Fantasy and Gran Turismo are what really started off the PS2, I have similar feelings towards the games sequels coming to PS3.  These games have MASSIVE expectations and they will likely deliver.

I think GTA4 WILL push PS systems, GTA players are traditionally Playstation players now, while it will come out on 360 I think that to a GTA player that doesn't own either a 360 or PS3 will choose the PS3 version simply because of the brand for this.  It will still push heaps of hardware for PS3, more than it will push hardware for 360 I think.  360 owners will buy it on PS3 and not buy a PS3, and multiplatform owners will buy it on PS3 (likely situations of course not set in stone).

I think Wii Sports 2 will still push huge hardware numbers it will help to bolster the wave created by Wii Sports by having more sports and by being a more in-depth game it is still a system seller even though the people who bought it for Wii Sports 1, the people who DIDN'T get it yet will be pushed FURTHER in the Wii direction by number 2.

I'm with you pretty well on Mario Galaxy, it's an iffy one for me, but if the game is right and simple enough to play yet rewarding if you are skilful then I think it's a mainstream game and will appeal to more than just the core Nintendo crowd (plus heaps of Nintendo people will be waiting for this game to buy Wii - there are still roughly 13million GC owners who don't have a Wii yet remember we need stuff to sell it to them).

I'll stand by my comments that SSBB wont hit US this year, it will come out in Japan... that is a clearer expectation, I think Feb or March next year for US, but definitely Japan