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Forums - Movies Discussion - Jason Statham for Transformers 4?


What do you think about Jason Statham?

He would be a great choice! 15 51.72%
They can find a better one. 2 6.90%
They should have kept Shia LaBeouf. 4 13.79%
I don't care. 8 27.59%

Too late Too late will be the cry, when the man with the robots has passed you by.

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superchunk said:
How in the hell could he play a teenager?

LOL, I'd love to see them try that off.

I'm they got Shia out of there. Not that because he was a bad actor, but because I want to see him back in comedy. I loved him as a kid in Even Stevens. I wonder if he's still as funny as he was back in the day.

this makes no sense