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Forums - Movies Discussion - FIRST HARRY POTTER Deathly Hallows Partt 2 REVIEW!!!!

but it all started when jo decided to go with ginny insted of cho!lol i think cho and harry would've made a better couple

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I'm really excited for the movie.

I'm not going to see it on the first day though, hate Harry Potter geeks with their Dobby costumes and I've got a reputation to uphold. Like every other year, I'm just the older brother taking his little brother to see the new Harry Potter movie, it's a smart tactic because my 'kindly brother' demeanour will raise my chances of getting a hot nerd girlfriend by a about 52%.

I hope to see Hermione half naked again, I got a boner during Part 1, I just pretended I was ghost Harry.

I really hope they play this song during the credits, it'd probably make me cry and Snape deserves it.

I hope it breaks a billion worldwide at the box office, any incentive for more Harry Potter based media should be supported.

Daniel Radcliffe better win the 'Best Actor Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award, the MTV award and an Oscar

Fuck Robert Pattinsson, that asshole will always just be the Hufflepuff loser who died during his first Death Eater encounter.

Maybe J.K. Rowling will be at the cinema I'm going to, that'd be cool, I better dress up just in case.

Hopefully someone starts up a quidditch match (fake obviously) at the park near the cinema, I also hope that someone pushes me into playing, I don't want to show how keen I am (would be screaming in my brain). I'd use a mop to be different.

I wish Australian movies tickets weren't so expensive, I'd go watch the movie at least three times, but then I wouldn't be able to afford all the Harry Potter memorabilia I'd end up buying during my brief hysterical moment when the movie finishes.

I nearly met Draco Malfoy (the real one) once, decided to avoid him because he was taller than I thought he'd be and I was worried that Daniel would be just around the corner, I don't know if their on screen persona's cross over into real life because they are such good actors.

I wish I lived in Britain, I could hang out with all my good friends like Seece and Kowenicki, we could play Deathly Hallows on the xbox and then we could use Kowenickis millions of dollars to bribe our way into meeting Emm Watson, it'd be a grand old time.

I sometimes wish I could get amnesia so that I could experience reading all the books all over again.

I hate Ginny.

Bet with Conegamer and AussieGecko that the PS3 will have more exclusives in 2011 than the Wii or 360... or something.

Bet with Conegamer and AussieGecko that the PS3 will have more exclusives in 2011 than the Wii or 360... or something.

Hmmm sounds good though his review was a bit eh erratic i guess lol. Cant wait to watch the conclusion.

I'm watching it on opening night. I think it will be good. They knew that everyone was expecting a grand finale worthy of the Harry Potter fans. I'm glad to here that it is good. Part 1 was a little boring, but necessary to set up part 2.

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The end is near for the Death Eaters!



themanwithnoname said:
-Newcloud- said:
It cant be any worse then part 1 which was a total bore

Heh, if it follows the book, then yes it can.

WTF???  Thats what actually made it enjoyable. Rather than cutting most events and rushing everything else, that followed the story properly. Before that, the films had been rapidly degrading in quality which culminated in the travesty that was film 6 (Im sure theres people that disagree with that statement, just like I disagree with you). Still the films have only been good by following the books, not by trying to make their own twist on JKR narrative.

my most anticipated movie this year