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Forums - Sony Discussion - Official Playstation Vita Thread! The Last Stand - Ys VIII, Mary Skelter, Yomawari Midnight Shadows, Persona 3&5 Dancing, Atelier Lidy & Soeur, DanganRonpa V3, Demon Gaze II & MORE!


How many vita games do you have in your library?

0-10 184 31.56%
11-20 109 18.70%
21-30 69 11.84%
30+ 214 36.71%

THe excuse why Square Enix sold the games separately on Vita...

Predictions for end of 2014 HW sales:

 PS4: 17m   XB1: 10m    WiiU: 10m   Vita: 10m


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Aerys said:
THe excuse why Square Enix sold the games separately on Vita...

I bet the price is not split into two.


So does that mean we get a physical release?

Seeing how FFX is worth full price alone, and X-2 is worth maybe $2, nothing of value is really lost here.

Seems like Square-Enix is getting a new CEO...

So Type-0 for vita confirmed?

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huiii said:
Seems like Square-Enix is getting a new CEO...

So Type-0 for vita confirmed?

Or 3DS.


^ Yeah... probably

*cries in a corner*

DemoniOtaku said:

Rain gameplay... I wish this game released for PSVita!

Would be kind of a slap in the face if it doesn't come to Vita, actually.  Sony are pushing hard to get indies to embrace the machine, which is great.  Yet they've got their own downloadable title which would fit perfectly on Vita and they're releasing it just for PS3?  Makes no sense.

Lead by example, Sony.

I don't have a problem with FF X and X-2 being separate on Vita. Geez. I always suspected it was because they wouldn't fit on one Vita card. FF VIII alone is ~ 1.4GB, the bloody PS1 game.  I didn't see how two HD'd up PS3 games would be able to fit.  I know, I know "Metal Gear Solid did it!"; but I guess they're just much smaller games than your average Final Fantasy.

Speaking of which, there was a video for Dragon Fantasy Book II in that blog post.  Looks awesome!

Pockett sent us a tip this morning after it did some rather ace detective work on unannounced or lesser known indie games heading to PS Vita. The information stems from developer clips, age classifications and more.

First up is Table Mini Golf, an augmented reality golf game similar to current release Table Top Football. Raid Ant from Prank studio is said to be an RTS, while a new version of iOS game Draw Slasher: Dark Ninja vs Pirate Monkey Zombies is said to be on the way as well.

Housemarque’s Furmins is getting the PS Vita port treatment, as is Burn the Rope sequel Burn the Rope Worlds, and you can look forward to plenty of cultivating carnage in Farming Simulator 2013.

Quell Memento is said to be heading to PS Vita courtesy of Fallen Tree Games, and although it was originally planned as a PSP game, Arson & Plunder is now heading to PS Vita.

On to classifications now, and Halfbrick’s Fruit Ninja has been rated for PS Vita in Brazil, as well as Disney’s Castle of Illusion and Capcom Arcade Cabinet.

Phew. Do you see anything there that you like, or do you want to see more than indie download games on PS Vita? Let us know below.