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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nikkei Article on Cafe confirms control

Well first yes the control has touch screen, it's 6 inches and can be used as a portable device. Also includes a second battery:

"Wii" successor, the portable game controller
Nintendo is also equipped with touch screen camera functions

2011/6/4 2:09
Electronic version of the Nihon Keizai Shimbu

Nintendo has also released a stationary game machines in mid-2012 "Wii" on the successor, to adopt the new touch panel controller. In addition to the games for a tablet device, such as operations, so that as a handheld game play. 06 Wii was released in the round of boom. Regain lost ground by introducing the successor of increased convenience.

The new controller is equipped with a touch of the screen size of about 6 inches. The controller also incorporates a secondary battery ...

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If it does have a screen on the controller, I think it's safe to assume it's going to be some kind of portable gaming function as well.  I just hope I can play all my classics off my current wii library on it.

:S not sure what to think of this

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Hmm what about motion controls? Ok so better graphics with a touch screen but no motion? honestly I do not know if I will be very happy this E3… depends on the games I guess

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I can only imagine the expense. Hopefully Nintendo knows what they're doing, or they're shacking up with some kickass suppliers...

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From what I understand you will be able to take this thing with you to trade info just like with the 3DS. But do not expect the graphics quality to be as it would be when the console streams info too it.

This will enable some games like those on iPhone and Android to be played on it while you are out and more graphically enhanced game when you in range of your console.

I wonder how this will effect the 3DS especially if this controller allows you to view games in 3D.

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i can believe the 6" touch screen rumors as being plausible but saying that it doubles as a portable device is just too far to me.  if true the 3DS is going to be dead within a year, something i can't believe nintendo would plan for.

Maybe the portable device part is when your near the console only and not out in the wild as it would be very expensive as I said in a previews thread.  

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RolStoppable said:

Yeah, that sounds like Nintendo really started to believe what the gaming industry was preaching all those years: That Nintendo's success lies in gimmicks, not the actual games.

Yeah because right then and their when Wii was deemed a gimick they stopped making great games and started chrurning out shovelware like the Mario Galaxy series, Metroid Prime 3/trilogy pack, DKCR, etc...

then what's the point for the 3DS if your console's controller IS a portable gaming system???  I have a feeling its only going to be functional play within a distance of the console and the touch controls and camera (if true) would have work only with integrated games from the console itself.