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Forums - Website Topics - These LG ads are driving me CRAZY

It's bad enough that these ads autoplay, but it's even worse that they exist on virtually every page I visit here.  And they're not always easy to find (to hit the "Pause" button). It's like an annoying scavenger hunt.  Why should I even have to hit a button to make it stop?  Shouldn't it be the other way around?  If I want to see a trailer for a Harry Potter movie, I will hit play.

Just today, the ad on the main page started playing (Harry Potter again) and I found it right away only to see that the "Pause" button wasn't there.  The video wasn't even showing.  It was just the audio and on the little TV screen it read, "Buffering."  Arrrrg.

I don't mind ads at all.  Without ads, websites like VGChartz wouldn't exist.  That's why I don't block them.  If we all blocked ads, advertisers would stop wasting money on websites and without that funding, we would have to start paying for access.  What I do have a problem with is audio in these ads.  I don't want to mute my speakers every time I come here (mainly because I always forget they're muted when I actually need them).

Until the autoplay goes away, I have decided that I'm never going to buy an LG TV

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Hmm, I haven't gotten those ads before...I do get the "FREE APPLE IPHONE" ads sometimes though...I'm in the habit of turning down my speakers when coming to this site hehe.

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