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What can Nintendo do at E3 to save the Wii?

No. Nintendo won't bothe... 178 39.21%
Yes, but it won't work 20 4.41%
Yes, and it will work 89 19.60%
Who cares? IT'S FOR KIDZ!!! 38 8.37%
Booth...Babes... 48 10.57%
See results 80 17.62%
oniyide said:

^^^ im sorry but you wish it was PS2, Wii is not going to be PS2 and was never even close to PS2, PS2 actually had "good" 3rd party support its entire lifetime, the industry doesnt want another PS2. But hell maybe it will get support like PS2, i doubt it. Aint PIkmin 3 supposed to come out this fall/winter? cause im sure Batman, Elder Scrolls COD will hand it its ass in terms of sales. For your sake and mine, because i dont fell like buying another console any time soon, i hope your right i really do

I'm not saying it will be like the PS2, but I am saying it won't die out overnight like the GC did. And Pikmin 3 has had no artwork, no info, no nothing for the past 2 years. It may do a DKCR/Goldeneye/K:EY and come out in the holidays, but I wouldn't hold your breath. 

If you were a small developer (say, HVS), and there's a new console on the market where development costs 5X plus what it costs on a console with an install base of over 100mil and still selling strong with good SW sales, would you want to risk it on the big console? Or go for the older, but safer option? That's the difficulty. Expect many ports, hopefully.


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@conegamer  yeah it wont die overnight, but i still dont think it will be like PS2, that damn thing is still getting supported, if we dont hear anything about Pikmin 3 next month i think you could forget it, at least for Wii.

If i was like HVS i would definately not support WII, they already flopped twice, you think there going to do better??? Grinder doesnt even have a publisher. Hell I would release for a new platform, even if your game sucks early adopters would buy it for lack of anything to play, worked for RS1. Or i would just quit, because im HVS and i havent made a good game yet

Did anyone notice that Nintendo is publishing a remake of Fatal Frame II for Wii in 2011?

I guess it's staying in Japan, unfortunately. A high quality horror game like this is just what the Wii needs right now if you ask me, and I would buy it instantly if it gets released here to good reviews.

I remember back in 2008 when Fatal Frame IV was the only Wii game I was looking forward to. Good memories. ;)

Meh, the holidays just need to come around. Holidays = Wii selling 1 mil units.

I do agree though, the Wii needs some strong games. I've not seen anything really interest me since Black Ops.

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speaking of Fatal Frame, that game needs to espcape from Ninty's hands, at least when it was on PS the damn series was localized, im tired of going to my friends house and playing it on his homebrewed Wii.

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I couldn't agree more.

mjo011 said:

I couldn't agree more.

Rarely, I second this (Fatal Frame related). I think Nintendo do a good job with it IN JAPAN, but, if you look at Wii sales, there isnt a massive market in Japan. Sure, DQX may change this, but surely most RPG-loving Japanese would have already got MHTri, Xenoblade, The Last Story, Tales Of Graces and a couple others, right?

Man, after writing that, I remember how much I loathe Nintendo and their hit-and-miss localisation scheme...


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

All they need to show is:

 TLS, Xenoblade, Zelda SS, rhythm heaven, the new kirby game, pandora's tower, wii motion play, and maybe some 3rd paty games, rodea, earth seeker, just dance 3, and a few surprises, pikmin 3, F zero, new IP, or just something surprising.   


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Conegamer said:

A very interesting analysis, nice one.

I think what this goes to show is that a lot of doom theorists probably haven't seen the bigger picture, or looking forward. Who knows how the price cut may work, but it's almost certain that Wii sales will increase. And, as you pointed out, there's a lot of Wii's out there, so that means a lot of SW (I believe that nearly 1.2mil units of SW were sold last week, or around 1 mil without bundling. And that the same as the PS360, but with no major game releases AT ALL in some time...)

More worrying surely should be for the PS360. Sure, they're ahead now, but after a price-cut, they will likely be behind the Wii. And, after releasing Kinect, Slim models, Move, steady stream of compelling SW, loads of advertising etc., and they'll still end up behind a 5 year old console which was outdated at the time, is surely a worrying state of affairs. Just what do they have left to counter the Wii? I bet we'll find out at E3...

Oh, as for the 3DS, looking at how the DS sold in its early life, there's nothing to worry about. It just needs a Brain-Training or something going for it, and the sales will sky-rocket. What that will be, we can only predict now.

This post is just lol, really.

Wii isn't the only one that is going to get a cut you know? Not to mention going by the fact you could easily find a Wii for $169 in America for the last 6 or so months, means its $50 price cut is going to have the weakest effect from all 3.

It's not a worrying state of affairs when the market leader (should it) take back 1st place in weekly sales ... it's expected ...


Show off more games.  And show a preview video for Dragon Quest X at E3.


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