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Although this is a tad early, I still think it's an appropriate time, with the numbers soon to be up, this milestone is about to be crossed!!!!!

As the younger brother of 'The Daddy', the PlayStation 3 has gone through many trials and tribulations (is currently battling one of it's biggest as we speak). However, the system has overcome nearly every obstacle thrown at it, and has made an unprecedented turnaround in the gaming industry! For that, it deserves loads of credit, but it really deserves tons of credit for this specific occasion, for PlayStation 3 is now a 50 million seller!

*****NOTE***** This is a thread for Sony/PlayStation 3/Sony fans, so if none of those are you/your thing, do not ruin this thread for those who just want to celebrate. I'm serious! Reports will be made for people who choose to disrupt anything here and ruin the thread. It's about fun and I want to keep it that way. NO mention of PSN issues. NO insulting/bashing of any kind. Thanks.


Now to the celebration:



Have your own pics?! Please post. They have to be on-topic and non-insulting or trouble causing in anyway. I don't want that for this thread. Enjoy!


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Woot Woot hell yeah! Gratz to ps3 ^^

Yeah i know my spelling sucks but im dysgraphic so live with it :3    


Conegamer - I say that the PS3 will beat the DS next week in Japan  (for hardware sales) Forfeit is control over others avatar for 1 week.

Hellz Yeah! and it's still 299! :D long way to go still too

In-Kat-We-Trust Brigade!

"This world is Merciless, and it's also very beautiful"

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*pops open bottle of champagne*

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E3, here we go!!

Great milestone, cant wait for the price cut ill be picking up my second :D

Kudos to PSTrois. It's had some happy times-

Some troubled times

But overall...


Best gaming console ever created. Congrats

Adds some more pics guys! Come on! This is a celebration!