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Forums - Website Topics - I'm here to appeal my ban!

Today I was banned, and I do not think that I did anything that should have got me banned, espcailly if you seen what was going on in the thread and how other members were acting. Furthermore, this was my first time ever doing something of that nature. Therefore, I think a warning would have been more appropriate. I have never, ever been been warned by a mod, and I have not had many problems with other members on this site. I'd also like to point out that ban is only until the 28, which is not a long time, so obviously the mods don't think that did anything to serious, or it would have been a permanant ban. It's not like I have a history of trolling topics other members -- members like Gballzack, Ckmlb and Blue3 -- and I shouldn't be treated like I do. I'd like to point out another thing: in the threads I was posting in, the topic creator -- the guy who make the topic -- was pretty much trolling himself, yet I don't think he was banned. basicly what I'm saying is: I don't think I should be the only person punished when we were all doing the same thing. If you're going to ban one person for doing it, ban every one who was doing it. Don't just single one person out like that.

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Ha ha, you've never done that before? OK.

lol and you fail to state what account your talking about. lmfao

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I'm talking about the only account I have. (grandmaster192)

one sec...your calling yourself Gballsback and yet you refer to Gballzack as a troll?

This is just weird.

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So you use the name "Gballsback" instead of "Girl Gamer Elite is back" which proves to us you may indeed be Gballzack?

But I don't believe GGE is Gballzack, unless Gballzack's pics are fake which I doubt. No, you two clearly like the same things.

I have proof, but you can ask konnichiwa for that.

Gballsback said:
I'm talking about the only account I have. (grandmaster192)


The Gballsback was a joke. I'm grandmaster192!!!

Gballsback said:
The Gballsback was a joke. I'm grandmaster192!!! Moar proof pl0x.

Gballzack needs to get a life and she is transexual peice of $hit troll bitch.