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I just spent the day playing through Untold Legends: The Dark Kingdom. It's a horrible game, at first it was cool, but after the first 30 minutes passed, I was just frustrated for the next six hours of playing it. I also went out and bought Damnation, Destroy All Humans: The Path of the Furon, Shaun White: Skateboarding and Mindjack and I intend to play them all. I just have this weird attraction to bad games, I actually go out of my way to find them and I sometimes pick them over games that are meant to be good. It's like watching your cousin run into the glass screen door, time slows down, you want to look away or say something, but your just transfixed and when he hits, WHAM, I get a brief tingle, but then I feel bad and regret the time I spent oogling at the whole scene.

Bad games also have the coolest concepts, like Timeshift with time or Fracture with the whole terrain morphing thing. You don't really find those cool concepts in popular or critically acclaimed games.

So, do you guys and gals have a similar addiction? Got any recommendations on other bad games that I should play? Should I seek help?

Just a note: This is not a 'rag on COD' thread, some games are broken and plain bad and some just don't fit our tastes. I've learnt to differentiate between the two, I hate Super Mario Galaxy, but I don't think it's a bad game.

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Quantum Theory.

See if you can play it through the shit controls

i like not to waste my time and money on bad games, but if you have Wii half the damn library is crap,, just get any of the shovelware games. King of FIghters 12 is the worst game i playied on PS3.

I don't play lots of legitimately bad games but I do recommend little gems(a.k.a awful piles of heaping shit) like Rogue Warrior and Darkest of Days.

P.S play Rogue Warrior until you get to the end credits. trust me. ;)

I've heard bad things about the nigh on unknown 'Knights Contract'... try that.


oniyide said:

i like not to waste my time and money on bad games, but if you have Wii half the damn library is crap,, just get any of the shovelware games. King of FIghters 12 is the worst game i playied on PS3.

My housemate likes fighting games, we go from SF4 to Tekken (love me some Tekken) then MvsC3, all great. Then we played this. I think it was probably the worst fighting game I've ever played.... he liked it. 


Hmm, pie.

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KOF12 was bad because of weak roster, lack of moves, horrible netcoding and no real story. KOF13 did everything better It's a shame we may never see a port of the arcade versions.


Out of the ones I own/had?


Eragon-  horrible horrible movie adaptation. Dreadful Combat, Weak Graphics, Lame Story. *slightly* saved by the dragon riding gameplay but even that was not very good. It was a $10 bargain bin game rather quickly.

Alone In the Dark - Oh and as a PS3 owner you get the INFERNO version! YAY! This is a game that's so bad It's good. The graphics/fire effects are a sight to see while some of the game is horrible looking. From controls to story the game is garbage. It's saving grace is the guy who voices the main character is the same guy who did Max Payne

NSFW language

Two Worlds *1* - Unpolished, horrible frame rate, controls, horrible voice acting... in a Oblivion setting! This game looks and plays like crap, but underneath this shining turd is a Oblivion knock off in third person view.

Soldier of Fortune Payback - Oh Boy, another horrible FPS. The controls are bad and the graphics again are laughable. But the best part? You can dismember everyone, shoot the heads off corpses etc.  Basically a really bad COD clone.

Wii - Don't know if you have a Wii but this was a rather big standout for me. I even did a mini review on it for pricegrabber years ago to get the game free after rebate.



Ubisoft's FarCry: Vengeance is one of those titles most Wii owners were looking forward to when it was first announced. After watching the intial trailers and seeing some screenshots It seemed promising, and FarCry for the PC and XBox were rather highly rated titles when they were released years ago. Unfortunately what looks good on paper does not mean it will perform well on the big screen.


Perhaps the only good point of the game is the Wiimote controls are precise, with the exception of zooming in on your enemies (often times you will slash or it won't respond when trying to "zoom" in on your opponents via thrusting the wiimote towards the TV). Throwing gernades, doing the trusty headshot, and even aiming for the enemies "delicate" spots are easy as pie. I think Farcry makes good use of the Wiimote when it comes to obliterating enemies with ease. Again, the controls are tight.


Everything else goes downhill for poor Jack Carver (our "hero" of FarCry).

He runs into muddy graphics that look like they were seen on earlier Playstation 2 games. The same scenary over and over fails to help the graphics cause. It would have been nice if there was more variation in the enviroment but there isn't. Then there is this horrible sound (and that sound even glitchs out here and there with the occasional sound scratch) that seems very uninspired. The music is like nails to the chalk board, and the voice acting rather forced. If Ubisoft put in a few more months into development I'm sure we would never see such poor graphics, and perhaps sound that would please our ears rather then having us itch to hit the mute button. The AI is incredibly bad compared to past Farcry games (or any games for that matter) that you will begin to question if your enemies have brains. You can literally kill an enemies partner, who is right beside him, and he will not budge a inch. It gets even worst when you explode a barrel behind someone and they don't flinch! Hell, sometimes you stand right infront of your enemy and he does nothing!


To make matters worst this game offers no online multiplayer. While it has bare bones offline split screen multiplayer (between two people none the less) it offers nothing in the forms of online connectivitiy. While I'm sure this will be an issue with many games, lacking multiplayer in a game that horribly executes the single player experience just makes it even less worthwhile to purchase. But thats just me.


All in all, this game is a failed attempt by Ubisoft to grab our hard earned cash. Unless you really love the FarCry series, or feel first person shooters are the only games you will enjoy, this would be one of those titles you should avoid.


It's just that simple.

Play Lair.  I will not be responsible for your destruction of property.

Bad games, eh?

Find yourself a copy of 3D Ballz. If that shit won't quench your appetite for substandard games for a loooong damn time, I'll pay you the money back myself.

LivingMetal said:

Play Lair.  I will not be responsible for your destruction of property.

YES, this game is unbelievable, probably the worst game I ever played

I heard Haze was bad, and so was Too Human, hope it helps

I'll second Alone in the Dark. It's got some cool concepts but they're totally half baked, and it's packed with moments that are just frustrating as shit. The driving is beyond terrible. So is the story. You should love it.

Also, try Jurassic: The Hunted. It's as mediocre as it gets, but you get to shoot dinosaurs!