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No, failing to produce compelling content would be Nintendo's downfall. In order to create a consistent quantity of quality content, Nintendo will need their own internal teams, their second party partners and good relations with third parties. 3DS is a good start, and hopefully the next home console will continue this direction. They have a war chest of literally billions of dollars, an extremely talented group of minds to pick, dozens of beloved brands at their disposal, including some of the most popular and profitable in the industry--they will be fine. They may not dominate the industry, but if the industry continues to grow, dominating it won't matter.

"I heard Nintendo was making a new type of gameboy with 2 screens, what a silly idea".

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radishhead said:

The question is, is there a chance that Nintendo will make one innovation too many? Rumors of an HD Screen inside the "Wii 2" controller sounds like a risk, if true (which I doubt). How about the 3DS? How many people are going to be scared away from the purchase due to the inclusion of 3D? 

Well, the High-Def screen is just a rumour, we should wait and see on this one.

As for the 3Ds, Sony was the one pushing 3D this last years, Nintendo added the "no-glasses" rule (using the parallax barrier autostereoscopy which was available already for 3DTVs), so it's no innovation, besides, it doesn't matter, the 3DS has no locked 3D, it has a control to adjust stereoscopy, which means that if people don't want to play in 3D they just adjust it in 2D. So people will not be scared away because of this, the thing that will attract or repel people is the games. And i don't think they will have a problem on this one...

yea, Nintendo made a shit ton of money, they should have invested that in more internal dev studios

btw afaik the rumor wasn't about a "high definition" display, but a "high resolution" display - HD means a native resolution of atleast 720p, while "high resolution" actually means nothing, there are no defined resolutions attached to that term

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Demotruk said:

Pandering to third parties, rather in investing in new studios of their own and dominating, that will be their downfall I think.

Well, the wii has proved they should do both.

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Even if a Nintendo console 'fails' and sells horrendously, if they are sold at a profit the effect on Nintendo wouldn't be downfall.

This HD screen is a touchscreen in my opinion.    Ya a touch screen is a cool addition.

But short of making a controler that reads your mind i dont think Nintendo can have the same impact that motion controlers had.

new tecknology's that can change the way we play are not accessible every 5 year's.  

No offense, but I don't understand why it's always Nintendo fans who post threads like this. What are some of you guys afraid of?

Nintendo is by far the world's most successful console/handheld manufacturer and at the same time the most successful videogame publisher.

They sold more than 230 million Wii/DS systems so far, if I'm not mistaken that's more than 100 million more gaming devices sold than Sony since the start of the last gen for these two companies, i.e. the launch of DS/PSP.

As publishers, Nintendo sold - according to VGC data - around 650 million games on Wii/DS, Sony around 125 million games on PS3/PSP, Microsoft around 100 million games on 360.

Even if we'd detract ~100 million bundled Nintendo games from these figures, they'd still be ~400 million copies in front of Sony.

Nintendo is probably the most profitable company in this industry. I see no reason why this should change soon.

Jumpin said:

"I heard Nintendo was making a new type of gameboy with 2 screens, what a silly idea".

"Ugh, a remote control as a controller? That sounds stupid."

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