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Forums - Sony Discussion - Anonymous stops attack on PSN (doesn't want to harm customers)

Lets hope Sony beats them!




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Fun little update by Ars.  Sony doesn't seem too worried about the attacks.


Anon is basically trying to denie Sony their right to go to court. As someone with a firm believe in democracy there is no way I can support that.

Chevinator123 said:

this anonymous group could have a good life a good job earning good money working for a big company as there internet security people but nope they instead choose to do this stupid shit and screw around with companys

Uh, from the little I know, the majority of members of anonymous are either full time students or employed in pretty decent jobs. It's just /b/ that is full of unemployed neckbeards. Stuff like this is done in their free time.


On topic, it's good to see them changing tack, this is the first anon OP I have thought was doing more harm than good. The damage to consumers is as high in such a situation as in the DDoS on those refusing to carry donations to wikileaks, but the injustice in this case in orders of magnitude smaller than in the wikileaks case.