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Forums - General Discussion - VGC Mafia Round 27

Black = Gorkified &  Blue = Assasinated  Green = Punished  Red = Crushed  Violet = Electrified  Brown = Judged 

Name D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 Name Role
ABC  Radish         Boba Fett
Serial Killer
Baalzamon  No Lynch
         Leia Organa
 Bikini Model - Roleblocker (2x)
dsis  Baal          Jango Fett
Serial Killer
Final-Fan  MG94          Jabba the Hutt
 Barman - Doctor (1/2)
Gnizmo  baal  ABC Dsister      Darth Maul  Sith Lord/Starting Apprentice
hatmoza  baal  ABC  Dsister  Notstan      
Linkzmax  baal          Darth Sidious
 Starting Sith Lord
MG_94      Dsister        
NotStan  baal      MG_94    Anakin Skywalker
 Masson - Vanilla - (cult revival if wipe by night 2)
Radishhead  baal  ABC        Qui-Gon Jinn
 Starting Jedi Master
theprof    ABC        Senator Padmé Amidala
 Masson leader - Double voter
TruckOSaurus   baal  ABC  Dsister  NotStan    Yoda   Starting Jedi Council member 
Vetteman94    ABC  Dsister  NotStan      
Wonk  baal          R2-D2  Droid - COP
zex  Radish      NotStan      


A little Hint: all the characters are on this picture:



_ PM me your questions.... it prevents you revealing info in the game thread.

_ No post in the game thread at night

_ Unvotes must be in bold

_ Votes must be in bold and in one of the following formats.

Vote/Lynch/Gorky : Jondo

Vote/Lynch/Gorky: Jondo

_ You may send me your night action at any time (day/night), but only the last one will be taken into account.

_ Actions not sent in are considered as no action taken (i won't do random).

_ Time extentions are possible with 1/2 of player votes.

_ Zombies may not give game info and can only post at night. (there will be a dead quicktopic)

_ No double lynch

_ End of day, I convert all absentees to "No Lynch". The option with the most votes is lynched (or not) (so someone with 6 votes when 6 other random votes are set is going to be lynched).

_ Everyone voting does not end the day, (you can vote to shorten a day too though, same as time extention).

_ I log on for sure twice a day 12 hours appart, that's lunch and midnight French time (, that is when I can end the day. However, if someone is hammered before, all the subsequent votes are discarded. So if you're hammered then roleclaim, it's too late.



Vote totals:

Day 1

15 players : 8 votes to lynch 

Baal: Dsister ** (Final Fan) ** (Prof ) ** Linkz ** Gniz ** (Radish) ** Hat ** Radish ** NotStan ** Wonk ** Trucks  = 8 votes = Hammered

Radish : (Linkz) ** Zex ** (Baal) ** (Wonk) ** (Truck) ** ABC

No Lynch : (Baal) ** (NotStan) ** (Radish) ** (Radish) ** Baal

MG94: Final Fan

Prof: (FinalFan) ** (Hat)

Trucks : (Hat)

Hat : (Prof)


Day 2

13 players : 7 votes to lynch 

ABC: Trucks ** theprof ** Vette ** (Hatmoza) ** Radish ** Hatmoza ** Gnizmo

ABC has been hammered!

unless I missed an unvote we're in twilight (and yes I can count)



Day 3

8 players : 5 votes to lynch 

Dsister: Gnizmo ** Vett ** Hatmoza ** Trucks ** MG_94

Dsister has been hammered!



Day 4

6 players : 4 votes to lynch


Notstan : (Trucks) ** (Vette) ** Hat ** Zex ** Trucks ** Vett

MG_94: (Zexen) ** (Vette) ** (Trucks)** NotStan


NotStan Hammered.


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Sunday night, I’m walking in a dark alley. I don’t know what I’m doing here. My friend told me to come here to witness the most amazing thing he ever saw, but right now the alley is empty, it stinks and it looks like it’s about to rain.
Someone’s coming. It’s my friend, he looks excited. He tells me that tonight is his big night. I ask him of what, but he doesn’t answer and keeps babbling on about how awesome it is to be here tonight.
Some more figures start to appear. Most are hooded and avoid showing their faces, they barely talk to each other and don’t even look at me or my friend. They start to form a circle.
My friend looks at me and says to wish him good luck because tonight he becomes the champion and wins the prize. What prize? He doesn’t know yet, just that it’s to die for. A couple more minutes elapse.
Then I see it, a very large shadow coming from the end of the alley.  Actually, it’s 2 shadows, there is a small man perched on the shoulder of what now appears as a large beast. Everyone turns to them, the man starts talking.

 “My dear friends meet my latest creation, the one that will kill all of you. Meet Gorky. Of course you all know why you are here, to defeat him and claim the prize.
This is how we will proceed. The first one to fight him will have the first chance to win, but also to die. You will vote on which one of you should fight him and at Dusk every day we will have a fight between your chosen one and Gorky.
It is reminded however that should you fail to come back here, I will let Gorky pay you a visit in your sleep.
Now, to begin quickly, since you could not vote today, I decided on a worthy challenger for Gorky.
Jondo please step forward and fight for the right to claim Darth Plagueis’ hidden Holocron, the key to eternal life!”

 All the heads turn angrily to my friend who is looking at me.

 “See I told you it was awesome, I’m going to beat that beast and be in possession of the greatest power of the force, eternal life. And don’t worry, you don’ t have to be scared by all that killing in your sleep talk, although I did give them your address and all, I’m the best boxer in all the galaxy and I’m going to win in no time, just wait here a few minutes.”

 And there he goes, in the center of the circle, facing that huge beast….who now stands straight and is holding a metal bar in each hand.
A flash of light, a second, the beast is now holding light rods? That’s odd, it kinda looks like these jedi light sabers I once saw when I visited the padawan training center.
Maybe I should warn my friend that his boxing gloves aren’t the best weapon against these…oh wait… nope too late… my friend is already cut in 3 pieces…Gorky is still madly hitting him. The fight is over.
A few of the hooded figures start to walk away, though some others start laughing at the corpse of my friend. It’s ok, I didn’t really like him anyways.
One last look at him. I turn arround and start leaving too.

 A small guy comes up to me and asks if I want to team up for practice tomorrow, but just as he finishes his sentence a blaster shot burns a hole in his head. The small man shouts something.
“Oh and no talking at night, you should rest, people, or end up like him”
Yeah ok now I’m scared, and he’s looking at me. I hear the small man’s voice again.
“Don’t forget if you don’t come back, we’ll find you”

Let’s just say I didn’t sleep well last night, but now it is daylight, is this nightmare over yet?




Are we allowed to post in here yet? xD

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sure you can post all of you know the usual rules...


I have sent all roles, if you did not recieve them, message me!!!


flavor and game table incomming.


How long did you say the time limit was? Or did we decide not to go forward with that idea

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~~~~ Mario Kart 8 drove far past my expectations! Never again will I doubt the wheels of a Monster Franchise! :0 ~~~~

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if you role doesn't tell you otherwise, you are town of course. (feel free to message me for questions).


radishhead said:

How long did you say the time limit was? Or did we decide not to go forward with that idea

the first days will have a short time limit.

if you guys hate it, we can reconsider for the others.... but I made the game with short first days on purpuse (the first 3).


Got my message, ready to play.

Money can't buy happiness. Just video games, which make me happy.

I've got to go sleep soon - why did it have to start on a sunday night? x(

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~~~~ Mario Kart 8 drove far past my expectations! Never again will I doubt the wheels of a Monster Franchise! :0 ~~~~

wow formatting is horrible, sorry ^^

i'm reviewing my flavor to clean the mess (just changing tenses to put all in present, and stuff like that).