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Yeah, I've been watching HD quality video via my Xbox for a while now.

However, I generally stick to DVD and other standard video files. I just don't think HD changes the experience of films much.

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selnor said:

This is perfectly legal. Fast and soes not require you to buy a bluray player or a single Bluray film.

I own about 150 Bluray Iso's and all up it has cost me £95.

Someof you may be aware of news groups. I use Newsbite and pay £6.99/month. I can download any music, TV show or film. Particualrly I download Bluray HD Iso's. Or what I actual download is the code or information that companies put onto a Bluray disc.

All you need to do to do this is the following.

Buy a HD if you want alot of films. I have a TB USB HD that cost me £69.99.

Files normally download in around 40 - 60 mins for an average BD movie size of 11.5 GB.

You need to download Power Iso to extract the Stream video file out of the ISO. The reason for this is Windows Media Center does not recognise BD Iso's.

With that done, name the film and put it in what ever folder you want to store the HD films in.

Go into Media Center and go to Videos ( not movies ) and add your USB HD to the Library.

Turn on your 360. Start Media Center and go to Videos. The USB HD will be there. Selsct the folder where you have stored the movies and wallah. They are all there ready to play.

And the picture is absolutely perfect. As the 360 is only capable of DTS 5.1, this works beautifully. That is the only drawback no 7.1 ch sound. But then for tha amount of money I have saved for 150 BD films it is well worth the small time investment and it's so easy to do.

This is a good idea lol.

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newsgroups are old as the internet and are definitely not a legal source of programs/videos/music..... If it were legal it wouldn't be using newsgroup ffs....

they are however an efficient source for dowloading and are a pain in the ass to track down as you're basically taking bits of files left and right... files that appear as wierd forum text to the uninitiated...

It's much easier to connect to pirate bay and take IPS there... so yeah it's safer and probably always will be.


Lol, the monthly fee makes it feel legal.

I LOVE paying for Xbox Live! I also love that my love for it pisses off so many people.

I don't think thats legal..but have fun i guess.

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toadslayer72 said:
yo_john117 said:

Nice find dude!

Hey just a question but how does Netflix HD compare to Blu-ray?

On a 1080p set, it doesn't. That being said, it's good enough for most people.

Thanks man.

its not legal and its not blu ray quality. most movies on blu ray are on 50gb discs and the movie itself has about 30gb. so what you download is a compressed file and the difference is seeable (it may not be big but next to each other you can see it). files that are hd quality and 4.7gb are in almost all cases dvd files which are upscaled and look in fast scenes like analog tv

To the OP: I can assure you that this is NOT legal in any country in the civilised world.

Just because you pay money for a service doesn't make downloading these movies legal.

Need something off Play-Asia?

Not legal and not close to blu-ray quality. The 360 is only specced to decode upto 10mbps vc1 encodes. It can handle 12mbps and is capable of handling spikes upto 15-20 mbps but you risk stuttering.

Blu-ray is specced for max 54mbps sustained data bitrate, 40mbps for video, 8mbps for sound tracks and the rest for subtitles and control data. It can go over is short burts as well, for example a scene in pirates of the carribean has a video bitrate of 48mbps. Most blu-ray movies sit in the 20mbps range for normal scenes and go upto to the mid and higher 30's for action scenes. DTS HD MA and Dolby True HD usually sit around 5mbps. (DTS 5.1 is max 1.5mbps, dolby digital 5.1 max 640 kbps)

Why would they put the extras on a 2nd blu-ray disk if the movie on a dual layer disc is only 12gb? Those are not the original blu-ray isos.

This is of course not legal and to make it worse you actually are paying people for piracy...