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Forums - Website Topics - Top Tabs Dont Work.

The tabs that say (World, America, Japan, Europe, Communtiy) dont work for me i click and nothing happens, what is wrong here?

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What browser are you using?

There's a gray bar that opens up underneath and you need to make an additional selection from there before you'll go to a new page.

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Firefox, not sure which version

I'm running Firefox as well (v 1.5). The menu works fine for me.

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PS3 Browser works too. 

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Firefox, not sure which version

Works, firefox, 1.5, both windows and linux.

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Works with Opera, Konqueror and firefox. Does not work with Lynx however. Perhaps that is what you are using?

on the other hand, for some reason my IE is crashing on vgchartz when i tried using it for the first time in like 3 months.  oh well.

the Wii is an epidemic.