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Yes, I'm not a big FPS player myself. The only one I got into so far is Killzone 2.

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I dont play any fps other then K2 and 3. Give it a try.

Move works very well, its hard at the start.

I say definately buy Killzone 3, it simply awesome. I've been playing Killzone 3 online with the Move sharp shooter and it is awesome. Once you get used to it, it's actually faster then the normal controller. I got more kills with the sharp shooter then I do with the DualShock. If you are a shooting fan or a casual gamer I would recommend to purchase the Move and try it out for yourself. You wont be disappointed. Playing with the Move adds a new experience that cannot be had using the normal controller, it feels as though you are actually in the game holding a real gun. As I also happen to own a 3D TV it works well and adds depth to the game and the graphics is insane.

So? Did you make a final decision?

if you have a nice hd tv ,, get it, and be amazed.

“Absolutely, we can do much more with it. I don’t know if we are even close to 50 percent of PlayStation 3’s power at this point,” said Asmussen about God of War 3.