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...I found a solution at Zellers.  Don't remember the name, but I was Christmas shopping today in the game section, and there was some third-party software for Wii that enabled DVD playback, as well as a whole host of other formats off of an SD card.  I'd post a link, but I didn't buy it (spending money today was only for gifts).  It was $27, for anyone interested.

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Very interested. Any more information would be useful.


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Wait until there is a first party one...

Thats awesome, especially since my DVD player died recently. I wonder if it will play DivX? That would definitely be $27 well spent.

No evidence whatsoever on

But then, makes Zellers out to be the #1 worst store to buy videogames from.


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thetonestarr said:
No evidence whatsoever on

But then, makes Zellers out to be the #1 worst store to buy videogames from.

 That's a coincidence, so does the real life AV section in Zellers.

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They had software at Fry's Electronics in San Jose (the Egyptian motif) that enables DVD playback on the Wii. Didn't bother to pick it up since I have no need for standard def DVD playback on the Wii, but it might have only been $19.99 if I can remember correctly.

You don't by any chance mean the X-OOM?

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Wait, it's 1997? Damn, I better go buy Cruisin' for the Wii. Hell yes it looks amazing.

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