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Final Fantasy: Officialy burnt out?

Yes 130 47.62%
No 94 34.43%
GIVE DEM A CHANCE! 40 14.65%
Not an FPS so I don't care :-) 9 3.30%
Chibi.V.29 said:

me and 6 million others who got ff13 would beg to differ :D

What part of "this is not about sales" did you not get?

And the fact that about half the sales were from the first week means I beg to differ with your counterargument anyway.

A flashy-first game is awesome when it comes out. A great-first game is awesome forever.

Plus, just for the hell of it: Kelly Brook at the 2008 BAFTAs

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dystopia said:
Wagram said:
dystopia said:
Wagram said:
dystopia said:

Pretty good article there, and it's right in almost every way. As someone who grew up with Final Fantasy, the current situation the franchise is in is very sad. Frankly, I wish it would just go away at this point, which is hard to say, seeing as how much I loved FF when it was in it's prime. The fact of the matter is, most of the people who made FF special are no long with Square, and that paired with the extreme oversaturation of the franchise is what has ruined it.

I also grew up with the franchise but I don't feel the same way as you do.

I don't see how anyone that grew up with the early releases, and the PS1 releases could see the same magic in current Final Fantasy's. The changes in direction of the series has changed what FF is at it's core. For me FFX is where it started to go wrong. For one, the game featured in my opinion poor writing, specifically dialog, and the voice acting didn't help. In terms of gameplay it still was a very good game, but it was the beginning of the end for me.

FFXI, don't get me started on that. FFXII doesn't come off as FF to me at all, it's much more in tune with Vagrant Story, in terms of art style, mood, setting, and game mechanics. And don't get me wrong, Vagrant Story is a wonderful game, but it's not FF and the overall change in the combat mechanics from that point on has all but ruined what FF is to me.

And then there are all the spin-offs, it's getting out of hand. The oversaturation of the franchise is a real problem, and it is alienating a lot of previous fans like myself. The writing in these spin-offs, and lately even the main series titles (Aside from FFXII which was alright) has been awful, it's shallow and at a maturity level. clearly aimed at teenagers.

I probably will never look at FF the same way as I once did, and that's a shame because from the time I first played a Final Fantasy (FFVI) I was hooked, but they have forgotten where they came from, exiled their most important game designers, and basically creatively put all of their franchises in the hands of a few people, people like Tetsuya Nomura, whose game concepts are best left for childern.

I'm not afraid of change in a series. I tend to enjoy a more cinematic experience anyways.

Final Fantasy was always cinematic in a sense. Especially from the PS1 era onwards. The difference is at the core principles of gameplay. The overall change in the combat system from FFX onward. And even those I guess I could deal with. For me the most troubling problem is the writing, which I just find to be so so bad. The writing was never great, but the ability to craft an compelling narrative was there before, and now it's just not. The dialog was never outstanding, but it too has gotten worse.

Perhaps it's the current popular culture trends in Japan, and I understand many people find it compelling, but I want something more mature. The article this thread is built around is right that the tropes used in most of Square's series have failed to evolve, and they constantly fall into the same narrative traps. The sad part is, while many Western developed RPGs have begun to mature, the gameplay in them is a complete turn of for me in most cases, so I have found myself at a point where both Eastern and Western developed RPGs no longer capture me in some aspect, be it story and design or gameplay. It's not a fun place to be.

Methinks you're just being nostalgic.

The story in early FF's was as simplistic as it gets and unoriginal in general. Also, there were no voice acting back then and the dialogs weren't any better than they are now.

The franchise changed of course but not for the worse.

Well FF6 was my first FF and I liked it a lot, FF7 was ok but I couldn't understand the hype, nowhere near as good as 6 IMO, Then FF8 blew both of them away imo but voicing that opinion was about as popular as saying you had smallpox at the time.

Now have played every FF multiple times and my top 3 are 12,13 and 8 in that order (then 6, and I try to look as objectively as I can at 6 as I know in this series many never get past thinking their first played is 'the best' but I really cant justify any others above it in 4th place)

Being a literature fan, Personally I the series is getting better as the stories are getting more novel/cinema-like, and the constant gameplay changes, though all have their flaws in some places and none are perfect, keep the series fresh and interesting.

But the magic is contually growing for me, if it were not for this series I wouldn't be playing games, this series singlehandedly justifies the hobby for me. There are other good games out there without a doubt and I enjoy them a lot but I probably would have dropped the hobby long ago had it not been for FF's progression keeping me interested, especially with all the negativity that seems to be in gaming media these days (of which Mr Sterling here is one of the most negative), at times it can be as dismal a media to look at as political media.


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I don't know this Sterling guy,and I dont trust Destructoid in general,but on this article I have to say I completeley agree with him.

Carl2291 said:

I've not read this thread. I've not read the Destructoid article (Although I can assure it's been written by Stirling. It has to have been). So I'm just going to comment on if I think Final Fantasy is burnt out.

Final Fantasy XIII is already the 4th best selling Final Fantasy game of all time, in under a Year since it was released in the West. 

It has a sequel coming out for the HD consoles.
It has a Spin-off in development for the PS3.
There are currently 3 Final Fantasy games in development for the PSP.

This is all despite Square Enix being managed by a douchebag who doesn't know what he's doing with the Franchise.

Final Fantasy is far from being burned out. Just because they released one game, which was an MMO released only on the PC thus-far, which has been a disaster, does not mean that the series is burned out.

I might read whatever Destructoid have put out and add to this depending on the reasons they have gave.

I had to quote this. some people keep saying the same thing. that the sales of FF13 are so good and here in the west the game has been excellent. but heres the problem..... FF13-2. when the sales of that game come people are going to realise how poorley recieved FF13 was.

and make no mistake both FF13 and FF14 were diasters. if FF13 was so good why have the developers decided to make FF13-2 to cater to the opinions of the fans. why not make the sequel in exactly the same template as FF13 if it was so good. even Sakaguchi has said recently about how JRPGs have staled.

and Wada is a buisness man, he knows nothing about games, he just runs Sqaure Enix. the person whoes been fu***** up every time is Yoshinori Kitase, a man who just wants to make films about hormonal teen melodrama.

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LordTheNightKnight said:
Chibi.V.29 said:

me and 6 million others who got ff13 would beg to differ :D

What part of "this is not about sales" did you not get?

And the fact that about half the sales were from the first week means I beg to differ with your counterargument anyway.

Its going to be very amusing when we see how many of those 6mil people DONT get FF13-2. people keep trying to hide behind mediocure sales numbers, but i wonder how those people will defend FF13s "success" when the sequel bombs.

not to mention FF13-2 is the type of game people dont just jump into. people who didnt get the first wont get this, ever. and if people need a rough idea about how well it will do, then FF10-2 is a good reference. and FF10 was actully very well recieved. so i expect less than half of the people who bought FF13, if even that.

They should go back to how they used to be with SquareSoft, Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy III/VI, Chrono Trigger, Parasite Eve!

LordTheNightKnight said:
Chibi.V.29 said:

me and 6 million others who got ff13 would beg to differ :D

What part of "this is not about sales" did you not get?

And the fact that about half the sales were from the first week means I beg to differ with your counterargument anyway.

I was simplying implying that for a series to be dying it has happen over time (cant be based on one game) despite it apparently "dying" 6 million people still got the game after 10, 11 and 12.

Also final fantays 9 arguably the best point in the series sold over 2/3 of its life time japan sales in first week japan (VGC doesn't have numbers for america and europe). Thats just how final fantasy sells. that should show you that the speed at which a games sales drop is not determined by how good it is. ff12 (most reasont one VGC has sales for in all regions) sold almost half its LTD in first week.

Yeah i know my spelling sucks but im dysgraphic so live with it :3    


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This thread again. This is what feels like the 3rd time in the last month.

( '-_-)

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@A203D I thought it was just me thought it was all teen melodrama crap (but to be fair IMO that only applies to 13, god I hate that tale)

They just need to lay off the FF franchise, their is too much. They have IPs just sitting their and they wont touch them. Make an Einhander followup, it could be a PSN/XBL download, I would love to see another Musashi game. Hell try again with Tobal. I miss the PS days when they were more experimental, oh and make another Bouncer game. Why not???