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I like the no install news,my 60GB is starting to get full.

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So I just did a torrent site check and MGS 4 is coming up at around 24.9 gigs(average between the euro and US version). Both have been up for weeks without complaint of them being fake, so take that for what it is. Maybe they ripped out the data for MGS online?

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Biddles said:

We'll see Killzone 2 was overhyped as it is.

LOL, I spot a troll.

Anyways, Killzone 2 was a Phenomenal game which exceeded expectations, and I expect Killzone 3 to be nothing less then that.

my 40gig ps3 got full like 10 games ago...i have to delete a games data every time i get a new game -.- witch is really dumb...i need to buy a bigger harddrive but i dont know the right store to get it from in australia

I thought for sure Metal Gear Solid 4 used as much of the 50GB it had as possible.

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I hate this so much. IMO, a game should not fill up more then the initial amount of space the first version of a console has. You people do realize that a stock 20 or 40 GB PlayStation 3 will not be able to fit this game, right? I can understand a large game taking up a large amount of space, but what Sony just did was lock out a significant amount of audience with only a 20 or 40 GB PlayStation 3, essentially damaging sales with that move.

So that means that PS3 owners with either models mentioned will have to buy new PS3's or update their PlayStation 3 with new storage, both of which are not exactly cheap.

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cant wait for this game

I don't think the campaign will be that much longer nor the texture resolution that much higher or that there will be that many more multiplayer maps from the start. However pre-rendered cut scenes in max blu-ray quality will go a long way. At 50mbps (video uncompressed sound) 30gb translates to 1 hour and 22 minutes of cut scenes. (or making of videos and other extras)

So how on earth are they planing to bring that to PSP NGP!?

It's not just possible :D ?

Crazy as hell