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Forums - Sales Discussion - November NPD numbers released today

60% is plenty to get an accurate read, if people always use the same retailers each week it would explain why certain charts tend to always track certain console higher than others do.

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naznatips said:
Orochimaru said:
naznatips said:
tokilamockingbrd said:
Not bad really, I am sure that VGC would like to be able to get it within the .05 alpha, but not bad.

It's really impossible for any tracking service without 80% retail sources to ever have less than 10% margin of error. Even NPD isn't anywhere near this, and their numbers have in the past been far off of reported shipping numbers. Media Create and Famitsu both hold about 60% retail data for Japan and yet disagree greatly on various things. Being wtihin 15% is pretty good. Past that VGC adjusts to official shipping reports and releases comparisons to NPD numbers.

Media Create is holding over 90% of retail data, ChartTrack to, NPD ~ 65%

You are misinformed. Media Create and Famitsu both operate on ~ 60% retail data. NPD is somewhere between 60% and 65%.

I remember Y-koron saying that  media create track 60000 retailers and famitsu track 3000 retailers




Sweetness. Can't wait to see how it compares.

what time is it there?how long do we have to wait?

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Its 17:00

or 5pm were I live which is EDT U.S


ismael said:
what time is it there?how long do we have to wait?


i think we have to wait until 18:00 EST

so another hour

hmmm galaxy is rising on SE, looks like mario is over 1.3 Million (the numbers did allready go to subscribers). 360 is falling, intresting.


no they wouldn't

cus I'm a member their n I'm sure they do just that....

without Vg chartz' guidance it would basically be a place where the console with the most fanboys would be predicted higher

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