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toastboy44562 said:

Then Infinity Ward created Modern Warfare 2. This game broke all records and ended up selling a lot more than the original Modern Warfare.

Yap, broke records with broken gameplay!

Introduced retarded killstreak bonuses like the insta-win chopper.

For serious though, MW2 barely did anything new. It just turned the series into an even bigger spamfest, just when we thought it couldn't get any worse.


Barebones mode in BO is a pretty huge addition for anyone looking to avoid getting killed by explosives or toy cars every few seconds.

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Personally I find Treyarch online maps to be better then IW. COD4 maps were awesome yes..but MW2 maps were crap IMO. I do agree IW expanded the series...but they also over do it and Treyarch seems to take what IW over does and make it playable. Ive also enjoyed Black Ops far more then MW2.

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Treyarch just builds on what IW does. IW is the driving force behind the series. Other than zombies all the thing Treyarch "added" were taken away remember the interactive control gimmick from COD 3? How about the ridiculously overpowered tanks in multiplayer? Or even Co-op campaign (though I liked that).

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Well, Cod Black Ops is the first and only CoD game I purchased new so that must speak for something.

The Call Of Duty 4 maps are the best in the series. Even that crappy night time raining ship level was pretty good (yes that is definitely a contradiction).