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I'm interested in what peoples' reaction to kinect are. So far my aunt bought kinect for herself and my cousin. She says it's a lot better than the wii. idk what my cousin thinks of it though. What have you heard from people?

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My one friend is either has it or is getting it soon, also my cousin and his fiance are going to get Kinect when they get their own place. Once I get their opinion on it, I will post it.

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None. I don't see how that has any reflection on its sucess though.

My cousin and his friend right now, a few friends and my aunt are gonna pick it for christmas, I have another cousin who wants to get it  for his kids but his wife is scared lf Kinect "radiation," lol.

Just My Brother. Him And his Wife Are loving it, Though he seemed a little disappointed with it at first.

My Mom and GF both want one too after playing it..

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None. And that's crap because I really want to try it!

Nobody i know, most of my friends are madden and FPS fanatics in their 20's and the whole kionect thing just doesn't appeal to them.

None so far.

None.. But I don't know anyone with move either.

None. The best part about this is that I don't even have to lie.

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